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To trim or not to trim;  that is the question.

And if you trim, how close do you trim?  Do you leave a little leaf like a fringe on a skirt?
Or do you trim only for the full bud experience?  My friend's hubby has no use for trimming.  He's a 'trim before ya grind kinda guy' and I say, why not?  No need for mix!


Cannabis users all over the world have been judging their ganga by looks for years.  I've even heard some people tell me they can decipher the strain just by looks.  I giggle to myself each and every time I hear that.  Truth is, a good trimmer can take four buds from the same plant and trim them so differently, you'd swear they were different strains. Read More

I grew up with words stuck in my throat. So many words. And when they rarely came out in public, I hated how they sounded. All of my younger years were filled with this hyper self-editing where everything I did, I felt observed and judged. Worst of all, I judged myself. Because of this, I isolated a lot, soon growing into a young adult who didn't enjoy going out and partying. At least not until I found Cannabis. 

At the risk of incriminating myself too much, I remember the first time I ever enjoyed myself at a dance club. I drove to the bar and parked many blocks away. I slowly walked and smoked a shoddily rolled doobie. I knew by the time I left three hours later, I'd be sobered up. Coughing and choking, I made it to the bar and sat sipping pop having the time of my life. For once, I didn't give a shit who was looking at me or why.

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Learn about state ballot measures to legalize cannabis and hear more reasons from the community to end cannabis prohibition at

Share your thoughts on Dr. Selsky’s video in the comments below, and be sure to join the movement and share your reason for cannabis legalization with #WhatsYourReason.


Seems like a simple enough request, but depending on where you are when you ask it, you're more than likely going to get a significantly different number of hands in the air. Say, for instance, I were asking those of you reading this right now. Based on the fact this article is posted on a website advocating the indulgence of cannabis, odds are the results would tremendously be in favor of using marijuana. Ask the same question at a professional business meeting with a few corporate executives sitting around the table and you're more likely to see eyes shifting back and forth than hands going up. That isn't to say the percentage of people who do use marijuana is any different from one group to the other, but it does say a lot about just how many people have to hide that they do. My ultimate question is, why are we still hiding?

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Weed vs. Cigarettes

October 07, 2016


By Pascal Amaka.

Okay, so I heard cigarette smokers feel that their tobacco addiction is less harmful than smoking an illegal drug such as Marijuana. Though weed is illegal in some countries, unlike cigarettes, but believe me there's a big difference between them. I'll clarify few:

  • Active Ingredients

Marijuana is natural. Apart from the medicinal components like THC, CBD, CBN, the physical components are paper and dry healthy leaves. While Cigarettes contains Tobacco and Nicotine and is also full of chemicals. Nicotine, which is an active ingredient, is mostly used as an insecticide. It's contains Tar and Carcinogens which causes dangers to the lungs and cardiovascular system; it hardens the arteries. Cigarettes may also contain Butane, Toluene, CO, Acetone (paint), Arsenic, Methanol(fuel). Tell me why you should not rock weed?

  • Health Effects 

Marijuana is known to have active ingredients like THC (which can be used as a cough drop),CBD, is  highly recommended for medical purposes. Marijuana has shown promises in relieving pain and increasing appetite. Cigarette, on the other hand, is known to be very dangerous and unhealthy. The risks of lung cancer, heart diseases, bronchitis, emphysema and high B.P are much higher in tobacco smokers‎. It is easy to see now why no case of lung cancer results from smoking Marijuana.

  • Domestic Use

Weed can be used for relieving cough. It helps to dilate the bronchial tubes thereby allowing more air to pass through. It also can be used at home for our foods. It can be used for cooking, baking. It can also be enjoyed raw! Just sprinkle around that hot plate of Pasta!! While Cigarette, because of the tobacco and nicotine, it contracts the bronchial tubes causing bronchitis and also damages the cardiovascular system. It can't be used domestically because when cigarette is burnt, the smoke emitting from it is more dangerous than the one you take in. So if you sit close enough to inhale cigarettes smoke from someone who's smoking it, it can be risky because the smoke inhaled is more dangerous and disturbing than the one taken in.

I'll implore you make that healthy switch today! Weed is verified! Weed is healthy!

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug with very active compounds like Tetrahydrocannabinol THC, Cannabidiol CBD, Cannabinol CBN, and Tetrahydrocannabivarin THCB with sources from Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis I mostly abused and often used for it's mental and physical effects such as 'high or stone' feeling or even an increase in appetite. Keep in mind though that the adverse effects of overused or abused pot can lead to dependency, breakdown of system and depreciation of memory and emotions but also the benefits of smoking pot cannot be overcomed. There are lots of common diseases and problems weed can help with. Let me show you five:

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    Henry Clay (1777-1852) is arguably one of the most important politicians of the antebellum period and certainly the most important political voice to emerge from my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.  Clay is best known as being a former Secretary of State, a Senator, Presidential candidate and author of the Missouri Compromise.  In history class he is known by his nickname, “the Great Compromiser”.

    I grew up within a 2 mile walk of his estate.  Ashland, his mansion is now a museum that I toured as a child when I moved to Kentucky.  As a student at Henry Clay High School, my friends and I used the surrounding estate grounds as “base” for our neighborhood shenanigans.   We would take candles and boom boxes into the ice houses and party.  Or, if I was lucky a special friend, bottle of wine and a blanket spread under the giant ash trees for which the estate is named.

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    This is how I roll

    August 24, 2016


    Taking a small green bud from the bag I begin to carefully break it up with my fingers. Using scissors to cut it up even more, rubbing the dried herb in between my thumb and index finger. Then, I fill the plain organic paper with the Cannabis. Pinching it slightly as I roll it, evenly and purposefully. Lightly licking the glue in one quick swipe of my tongue. Blowing on it for a moment, to dry quickly.

    Placing the joint between my lips with one hand; I pick up the lighter in the other. While breathing out, I flick the lighter bringing the flame up to the joint. Breathing in I feel the heat hit my lungs and a tingle is felt in my head. Layers of smoke begin to fill the room as I continue to puff. This is how i roll.

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