Product Review: Grenco Science G-Pro Herbal Vaporizer

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As part of our Product Review series, we would like to introduce you to one of the most popular herbal vaporizers on the market, Grenco Science's G-Pro Herbal Vaporizer. First Impressions

  • Off the bat, the packaging for the unit is clean and thought out. The matte black finish on the box entices you to open up your new toy/medical device.
G-Pen Box

  • Once opened, you are greeted with a handful of nice accessories including short mouth tips (presumably to use with your germaphobe or outright sick friends), two longer black mouth tips (which I prefer), a cool metal herb grinder that could theoretically fit in your wallet for MacGyver-like situations, extra metallic screens, and a metal cleaner.
G-Pen Contents
L to R: User manual, longer black mouth piece, metal grinder card, G-Pro unit, mouth pieces, metal screens, cleaner[/caption] Ease of Use

  • Per the instructions, you take you finely ground dry herb and pack the unit's internal heating compartment. With three different temperature settings, you can choose how hot to heat your herb, which is important for medical and recreational users alike as this allows for more precise and metered dosages when vaping. Clicking the button five times turns the unit on/off and after selecting your desired temperature setting and waiting for the green light to turn on, the unit is ready to use. By holding the only button on the unit for five seconds, you can change the temperature settings from Red-Green-Blue, with Blue being hottest. New users might find the highest temperature setting to be too harsh so I would recommend starting from the lowest, Red, and working yourself up.

G-Pen and Chef Mejia on a field test

G-Pen and Chef Mejia on a field test.

  • On the field test the unit performed well and, even for the $119.99 retail price, I think it was a good investment as the stealthy unit fits easily in a pocket and looks like many of the e-cig vaporizers on the market today. Although I wouldn't recommend this for large groups of more than 3-4 people, I think the unit is great for everyday use and would highly recommend this to friends and family.
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