Marijuana and Fighting Breast Cancer - Does Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Marijuana and Fighting Breast Cancer - Does Cannabis Cure Cancer?

June 07, 2017

On average 1 in 8 will develop breast cancer coming in second only to skin cancer as one of the leading causes of death in women. In men the number is around 1 in 1,000. While the numbers have been slowly declining since 2000, 40,000 were still expected to die last year. A massive amount.

Last year, The National Cancer Institute received attention after it updated it’s website to include information on the anti-cancer effects of cannabis. The site contains studies that go over; compounds found in cannabis linked to tumor reduction, death of cancer cells in animal models, and the treatment of chemotherapy symptoms.

So how exactly is cannabis turning out to be such good treatment for cancer? Well there has been studies and we have to get into anatomy a bit to answer this.

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system which is comparable to a “giant communication highway”. The system is made up of cell receptors and molecules that attach to them. Those molecules are called endocannabinoids. Research found the CB2 receptor, being one of the main receptors, are overexpressed in tumor cells. Imbalances to this receptor or it’s corresponding endocannabinoid can cause any number of illnesses.

Studies are showing that cannabis helps fight cancer by returning the body to a more balanced state by re-activating programmed cell death. With cancer the cells mutate and do not die.

The wonderful thing about this complex plant is, that it has so many different compounds which help with many different ailments or conditions. The different cannabinoids also help fight cancer in different ways. 

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