How to Use Hemp Wraps Everything You Need to Know about hemp wraps

How to Use Hemp Wraps: Everything You Need to Know

December 01, 2020

Many people are becoming regular cannabis users, and this has a positive impact on the cannabis industry. If you have been using cannabis for a while, you might know that there are several ways people use the plant. Undoubtedly, most people prefer to smoke their cannabis, which has been the way since ancient times.

Though some people prefer buying pre-rolled joints, many still want to grind and make a joint for themselves. There is some satisfaction that comes with grinding and rolling your weed. Some have certain ways to roll their weed or hemp or preferences to the type of paper they use. Most of the time, may people use tobacco-laced or bleached paper.

There is a trend where people are using hemp wraps to make their joints. If you are new to hemp wraps, you might have some inquires. The article will help you know more about using hemp wraps and whether you should choose them over the regular rolling paper.

So, What Are Hemp Wraps?

Since 2017, many people have begun to use hemp wraps when smoking hemp and marijuana. What led to the rapid popularity of hemp wraps is that they were sold through many online websites.

As the name suggests, this is a type of rolling paper made specifically from the hemp plant. Though the majority of people use blunt wraps, not everybody is a fan of them. If you don’t like the normal rolling papers, you should try using hemp wraps.

How to Use Hemp Wraps

The main difference between hemp wraps and other types of smoking papers is that it is made from hemp. This means that you can use it the way you normally use other rolling paper. You can fill hemp wraps with cannabis or hemp flowers that you have ground and make a joint.

Since hemp wraps don’t have glue, you might be forced to use more saliva when wrapping than when using normal paper. There are various rolling methods with hemp wraps, for instance you can employ the use of a machine or roll with your hands. Now that you know how to use hemp wraps, you might be wondering if they are worth a try.

Are There Any Benefits of Using Hemp Wraps?

Many people are claiming that hemp wraps are healthier than blunt wraps. The claims are true to some extent, though there might be some risks involved. If you are looking for a more natural or organic way to smoke your joints, using hemp wraps will be the best choice for you.

The wraps are made from hemp grown with no additives like fertilizers and pesticides that might harm your body. It is rather unfortunate that many blunt wraps tend to have some toxic substances like those used to keep the blunt secure.

The fact that hemp wraps are not bleached like blunt wraps makes them safer. Though hemp wraps might have some advantages to typical blunt wraps, they are not completely harmless. You can do more research on the risks involved or the health benefits of using hemp wraps when smoking.

Hemp and Blunt Wraps, What to Go For?

You might still have challenges choosing between hemp and blunt wraps. The answer to the question on the type of wrap to us will depend on your preference. You can try using hemp wrap if you have not before making your decision. Hemp wraps come in many sizes and different price ranges. The type of blunt you choose might affect your smoking experience.

The Top Hemp Wraps in the Market

Now that You Know the difference between hemp and joint wraps, let’s talk about the best hemp wraps on the market. If you are looking for hemp wraps that are organic and made with 100% organic hemp, you should go with CannaWraps.

High Hemp organic wraps are another common hemp brand that uses hemp from the Netherlands. The wraps do not have tobacco and are ideal for those that are looking for a gluten-free wrap. The brand also offers filter tips. 


I hope you now know how to use hemp wraps and the other additional information to help you decide whether you can use the wraps when smoking cannabis.