Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying "Healthy" Vape Juice

July 09, 2019

Looking for the healthiest vape juice option? This helpful guide will go into all the essential qualities to look for in a healthy vape juice product. 

Are you wondering what is Vape Juice? Vape juice or e-liquids are products used in vapers or electronic cigarettes to produce steam when inhaled. 

This liquid is what gives you the taste and Nicotine when you use an electronic cigarette. 

Thanks to the diversity of products in the market! You can choose between a great variety of flavors and concentrations.

Are you looking for the healthiest vape juice option? This helpful guide will go into all the essential qualities to look for in a healthy vape juice product.

Choosing Healthy Vape Juice

Choosing the best liquid for vaping or e-liquid for everyone is a complicated task. This is because the tastes vary a lot depending on the people using it.

There’s is a wide selection of vape Juices that you can choose from. It’s important to note that not all liquids are suitable for vaping.

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Ingredients of Liquids for Vaping

The e-liquid is a controlled product that doesn’t use many elements. The ingredients are all natural. They’re composed of:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG): It’s used in its liquid form. It doesn’t add flavor to the mixture, but it only increases the taste of the aroma.
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG): It’s a dense liquid that contributes a slight sweetness to the mixture. It generates a thick vapor when evaporating so the more VG more vapor.
  • Varied Aromas
  • Nicotine

As a beginner, there’s no right or wrong answer about what liquid you should vape. Nicotine levels do matter!

Common nicotine levels available in e-liquids are 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 20mg.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol

The base influences properties of the e-liquid depending on the concentration of the ingredients. The ingredients that make up the base are: Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

If you make a base with a higher concentration of VG, you’ll get a liquid that has a high production of steam.

Aromas, Liquids Flavors

The aromas are what bring flavor to the base. You can mix various aromas in different proportions to achieve different flavors.

The aromas must be water-soluble.

Liquid Nicotine

The use of Nicotine is optional. It’s fit for people who are inclined to it. The commercial e-liquids sold may or may not have Nicotine.

Want to use e-liquids with Nicotine? Don’t worry, add Nicotine diluted in a base of VG and PG.

You can find different types of Nicotine depending on their bases, the amount of Nicotine, and their absorption form.

Always look at the concentration of VG and PG of the Nicotine.

Bottom Line

Is there a healthy vape juice option? Vaping fluids are a great alternative to smoking because they’re healthier. In fact, some compelling arguments show that vaping is much healthier than smoking.

Always bear in mind that the healthiest option is to consume neither!

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