A Step by Step Guide - Growing Weed Indoors for Beginners

December 31, 2018

growing weed indoors - step by step guide 

I was sitting in my apartment two years ago thinking what's the most efficient way to grow a weed plant in my room; after doing an extended research, I found out that as a beginner, I really don't need to take a class or even buy a book to do it, I just need to try it out and learn from my mistakes as I go. 

All the information you need about growing weed is available online through YouTubes, blogs and forums. It's also easy, lucrative and can be very cheap - and everything you have dreamed of. 

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If someone told you it's hard and complicated, to some degree he or she is right. Growing weed can be complicated, only if you want it to be. But it's actually NOT.

It's true, there are hundreds of small details that you may need to pay attention to, but if you just want to experimenting and find your way around it without the overwhelming nitty gritty details, this is the guide for you.

It's the guide to growing weed for dummies. We focus here on the most important tips and tricks that will help you to produce your first crops. 

How to grow weed indoors for beginners and where to start


A question I received from many of my readers asking for a straight forward method to start planting your favorite marijuana strain. This "growing weed for beginners" guide is specifically for those who are interested to start growing their own weed on a small scale (up to 6 plants) with cheap indoor grow setup, or if you want to go with an expensive one, it's up to you.

We will touch on the variety of indoors growing systems. All you need is a small room, or even a closet, you can build the grow tent or grow box by yourself, or buying a whole setup, they come in variety of different sizes to accommodate your needs, space, and number of plants you seek to grow.

Here is our complete Step by Step Beginners Guide to grow marijuana Indoors



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