How To Make A Bong Out of Your Kitchen Utensils

April 27, 2022

The methods for making bongs out of kitchen is as diverse as the bongs made themselves. Most smokers want easy-to-make bongs. They want it to be effective and simple, but not too stingy on their pockets. This article aims to give you a basic knowledge on the best ways to make your bong at home.

A bong can be made out of almost anything

A bong can be made out of almost anything. You've probably seen the classic two part glass bong with a bowl and a mouthpiece. In fact, that's the type of bong you learn how to make in your first year of high school.

If you look around your room right now, you will notice that there is more than likely something within reach that could be used to make a bong. A glass bottle, for example, works pretty well as a makeshift one. But before you go out and start smashing bottles on your friends' heads, let's take a moment to talk about how you can properly make one from scratch.

How To Make A Homemade Bong

This is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to make your own homemade bong. You don't need any fancy tools or equipment. This is a project that can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills and the right materials.

1. Mason-Jar Bong

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Mason jars are basically water and air proof, which means they're the perfect vessel for your homemade, kitchen-drawer bong. All you need is a few household items that most people have lying around anyway.

  1. Something to make the bowl out of. You can use anything really, as long as it can withstand hot water and be poked through with a skewer. Some suggestions for materials include cleaned-out tuna cans, plastic spoons, plastic cups, and tin foil. Make sure there are no sharp edges or holes that will allow air to escape from the mouthpiece—that would defeat the purpose of this exercise! Remember that this is a temporary solution! If you want to keep smoking out of it later on, invest in a real glass piece.

  2. A tin can lid or other small circular object that can fit over the mouthpiece of your mason jar. The hole should be big enough to allow air to pass through, but not so big that it falls through when you put it on top of your jar.

  3. A pen or pencil that fits into the hole of your mason jar lid/bowl combo.

Make sure the mason jar can fit over the mouth of a plastic bottle. It should rest comfortably but not so snugly that it doesn't come off easily.

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2. Pint Glass Bong

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The Pint Glass Bong is the perfect combination of a pint glass and an everyday bong. It looks just like a regular pint glass—you can even fill it up with beer if you want, but secretly it's also a bong! The secret compartment is located on the underside of the handle. To open it, simply push down on the handle from the inside of the glass. In a crafty and inventive way, we'll show you how to make a bong using common household items.

This piece of glassware is called a Pint Glass Bong or Pint Glass Bong. You can make it with a pint glass, some tinfoil and some tape.

  1. Cut the bottom half off of the pint glass
  2. Fold the tinfoil in fourths
  3. Roll up the tinfoil.
  4. Tape the end of the tinfoil to secure it
  5. Poke holes in the foil with a pin or needle. You want about 25-30 small holes for this
  6. Put your herb on top of the foil and pack it down lightly
  7. Place your mouth over the neck of the bottle and pull from one side until you start to see smoke come through. Then try pulling from another side. Repeat this until you've gotten as much smoke as you can from your herb.

It's literally just a pint glass with an opening cut out of it, and it's better than any other bong you've ever used. You can make them on-demand, so you never have to worry about them breaking. They're also cheap to make – since you already have a glass, that's all you need.

3. Straw Bong

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Making a bong out of your kitchen utensils may seem hard, but if you follow the instructions below, you will be able to make a straw bong in under 5 minutes. Because there are many different ways to make a bong, we're going to show you how to make one that is cheap, easy, and can be made in under five minutes.

You will need:

  1. A straw (or paper towel tube)
  2. A plastic cup
  3. A rubber band
  4. A knife or scissors

To make the bong: Take the straw and cut it so that it is the same size as the end of the plastic cup. Then, wrap the rubber band around the bottom joint of the straw to keep it in place.

Once this is done, place the straw in the middle of the plastic cup, then use a knife to create a hole in one side of the cup. Then put your mouth on this hole, and pull! The vapor will travel up through your straw and get filtered by your fingers before they hit your mouth. Then, enjoy!


If security has been a major concern and you've never tried making one, here's a crack at it. The easiest way to make one is to get creative. A bong can be made with 2 liter soda bottles, and there are tons of sites on the internet that can show you how to do this in just a few quick steps.

Whenever you make something like this, don't forget to get creative with the design and layout. Play around with different features and sizes to see which ones work best. Have fun making your first homemade bong and good luck!!