How to Properly Store Your Cannabis Products

How to Properly Store Your Cannabis Products

November 09, 2021

Cannabis is an important and special herb. Being the only herb that can be used for recreational and medical purposes, it has a lot of properties that should be kept safe and protected at all costs for its potency to not decline or dwindle.

There are important steps that could be taken to preserve the potency of cannabis. This article is aimed at educating and enlightening you with the basic “don’ts” of storing cannabis.

How to Properly Store Cannabis Products

Here are a few important factors to consider when storing your cannabis and cannabis products.


To be more specific, one thing that consistently stands as a threat to the deterioration of your herb is light, ultraviolet (UV) light. Sunlight, as we are all aware of, is essential to the growth of most plants. However, for many other brands, it is important to be very careful and store tightly as cannabis products have no business with direct sunlight and should have minimal exposure to it.

This happens because UV rays can destroy and break down organic materials. If you are observant, you’ll notice how lush green landscapes end up crisp and brown. This is due to the effect of ultraviolet rays. A similar dehydration process occurs when your cannabis is exposed to sunlight for an extended period.

Similar to what cannabis processing experts at area 52 do, your products are usually packaged in opaque sachets and containers to prevent sunlight from destroying their properties. Although the crystal clear packaging may seem like a more appealing option, have it at the back of your mind that it has been exposed to the sun more so than darker packages and will, therefore, degrade the quality of your smoke session. With that being said, you should always store your cannabis out of direct sunlight, especially if it is in clear packaging. Stashing your plants out of direct light will also allow you to monitor their temperature better.


There is a relationship between water and temperature, and it is referred to as humidity. Many cannabis researchers and cultivators are still trying to pinpoint the exact science between proper moisture and the growth of a mold, but one certain thing is that when the humidity levels within the cannabis herbs packaging is over 65%, the likelihood of a mold developing increases significantly.

Storing your cannabis in an environment with the right humidity ranges can end up being a trial and error situation, but generally, research suggests you should keep your cannabis between 59% and 63% RH to properly maintain all of the precious terpenes and other cannabinoids. One of the most common methods to control the moisture during storage is Boveda’s humidity control packs, but many other brands choose from. If all else fails,  it is a good idea to invest in a cannabis humidor box, which has been designed to maintain the ideal humidity for Cannabis.


You must always keep your bud or cannabis products stored around room temperature, 72 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature is higher or lower than that, it will negatively affect your cannabis or its product. In a situation where it is stored in higher temperatures, it can put your health in danger.

Lower temperatures do not pose a health concern, but they do have the ability to reduce the potency of your herb, supplements, and products made from it. When cannabis is stored at temperatures less than 72 degrees, the trichomes end up becoming fragile, and they fall off the nug. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose your terpenes and trichomes because that’s where all the THC is, so keep your cannabis at room temperature!


Just as light and temperature, when cannabis is overexposed to oxygen, its essential compounds will be affected. And this will, in turn, change the overall aroma of the herb into something unpleasant, grassy. It is also important to note that having too little air can also have a negative effect. Insufficient airflow will greatly increase your relative humidity, especially if the cultivator does not completely dry the bud before packaging.

This shouldn’t be a reason to worry as it is super easy to control oxygen and regulate airflow. To reduce the amount of exposure to oxygen, always ensure that you store your weed in an airtight container, not in an open jar. You should also endeavor to keep your product tightly closed as the interference of oxygen. Storing your herbs in small quantities in large containers leaves too much air to circulate. Last but not least is to be mindful of how long you leave the lid off your jar. 

Storing cannabis and cannabis products isn’t a great task as some people make it out to be. Yes, It is a delicate plant that needs conscious efforts to put in for the quality to remain so it doesn’t lose its potency, but with simple spring habits, you can keep your cannabis fresh and potent for longer periods.