Medical Marijuana Safe & Effective

Medical Marijuana is Safe and Effective

From Visually.

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Bonnie Wills
Bonnie Wills

January 05, 2017

It amazes me that this country is so full of Really stupid, uninformed, and basically uneducated people. And THAT is why our country has those ‘ney sayers’ today, because a greedy self-serving (Yes, it was William Randolph Hearst) billionaire wanted to protect all the acres of lumber he owned, verses using cheap hemp for making the paper for his newspapers. And that was in 1937. And he funded the film, Reefer Madness. Now you have the story…….doesn’t that make you feel really ‘duped’, lied to, and purposely mis-informed? That is our wonderful government.(and we are not in a dictatorship)!!!! Am I supposed to have faith ‘in the government’? NOT ANYMORE!

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