5 Tips to Choose The Best Box Mod Vape for Cannabis Concentrate

October 19, 2018

By Winston Peki.

Can you use a vape mod for thc oil or concentrate? Yes. You. Can! However, the best box mod for THC oil or concentrate may vary. Wattage for vaping THC oil is what you want to look for (I will elaborate in just a bit). 

Cannabis concentrates can be used in a variety of different ways. You can dab it, you can vape it, and some you can simply eat. There are many methods at your disposal which you can use to dab or vape your cannabis concentrates.


One of the most effective tools you can use to vape your cannabis concentrates, is a box mod with an atomizer specifically designed to vape oils. But it’s also one of the more complicated tools you can use.

That’s why today you will learn the 5 most important tips on choosing and using your box mod the right way with cannabis concentrates.

If you’re still looking for a box mod, check out this buyer’s guide. And if you still need an atomizer as well, read this guide.

Tip 1: Choose The Best Box Mod with Temperature Control Mode & Use This Mode

Temperature control mode is a heating-mode that most box mods have. But only in the past few years box mods become so advanced that it became the preferred method to use it with.

What wattage to vape THC oil? Before temperature control, you would want, if possible, control the heating process of your box mod using adjustable wattage and voltages.

In temperature control mode, you can choose your exact temperature, instead of your exact wattage. And if you’re wondering why you would want this when you’re vaping cannabis concentrates: Different cannabinoids in your cannabis concentrate have different boiling points, if you want full control over the effects of your concentrate, it’s a must you have full control over your temperature (different cannabinoids have different effects on your body and mind).

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When it comes to dry herb vaping, the higher your temperature with vaping, the more toxins your vapor will contain. If you can control your exact temperature, you can control the amount of toxins in your vapor as well.

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Tip 2: Slowly Work Your Temperature Up

Never start your temperature in the higher ranges, always start low to medium and slowly work your way up.

There are different reasons for this:

First:  I know you're sometimes in hurry, but the higher your temperature the harsher the taste of your concentrate will be. It can be too harsh for many people. Plus, the lower you start the clearer you will taste your concentrate.

Second: If you immediately start at a high temperature, the effects of your concentrate might be overwhelming. Because the higher your temperature the stronger your effects will be.

Start low work your way up slowly and get where you want in a more controlled pace.

And finally, the reason behind slowly work your way up is that the lower your temperature, the slower you’ll extract cannabinoids from your concentrate, it will help you to get to the exact high you want to be at, and that will help you, not only with saving some money, but also control your tolerance level.

Let me explain.

You probably vape cannabis concentrates because you want to get to certain medication-level. If you slowly extract the cannabinoids from your concentrate, you give the cannabinoids time to do their work, and you might get to your desired medication-level faster than you expected, and use less of your concentrate.

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Tip 3: Use the Right Maximum Temperature

You already learned that different cannabinoids have different boiling points, and with temperature control mode, you can control which of these cannabinoids get boiled mostly.

 Well, here’s a quick guideline you can use to control the effects of your vapor:

  • Maximum temperature of 356°F(180°C): higher ratio of THC, so you will be feeling mostly mental effects;
  • Maximum temperature of 392°F(200°C): higher ratio of CBD, CBN so the physical effects will be strong as well;

Also, check out this guide: 


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Tip 4: Choose The Best Box Mod with Enough Battery Life to Vape Marijuana Concentrates or Wax.

The worst thing in the world when you’re vaping while out is: your box mod giving up on you because its battery died.

Now, if you vape your concentrates mostly while you’re home, this really isn’t that big of a deal, because all you do when your battery dies is: plug your box mod in the charger. But if you only vape at home, you might as well get a big box mod with insane battery life, since you probably don’t need to be discreet or need it to fit in your pockets.

On the other hand, if you vape your concentrates mostly while you’re out, it’s important you get a box mod with enough battery life, which still fits with your size requirement.

Of course, you can get a 3-battery beast of a box mod, but this won’t be a very convenient fit for your pockets.

I highly recommend getting a 2-battery box mod if you mostly vape while you’re out and about. They have the perfect balance between size and battery life, however, if you really want to be discreet at all times, you should go for a single-battery box mod.

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Tip 5: Choose The Best Box Mod with Enough Watts for Vaping Weed concentrates and wax

Mos stoners are not interested in cloud to keep their public marijuana smoking discreet, but if you’re a cloud chaser, it helps to get a box mod with a high maximum wattage. If you want enormous clouds, you should be thinking about 150 watts minimum.

Because the higher your watts, the lower the ohms of your coil can be (the ohms measurement is basically the resistance of your coil, the lower the resistance, the more powerful your coil is). Nevertheless, even if you’re not a cloud chaser, it’s always nice to have the option around the corner. If you get a high-maximum-wattage box mod, you don’t actually have to use its full wattage.

In fact, even if you don’t want to go above for example 50 watts, it might be a good idea to get a high-maximum-wattage box mod. Because you will have a lot of battery life, for example you use a 150 max watts box mod, always with only 50 watts.

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Bonus Tip: Choose The Best Box Mod with a DNA or YiHi Chip

If you really want to make sure you get the most accurate, precise and customizable temperature control that money can buy…

I highly recommend getting a box mod with DNA or YiHi chip.

Box mods with these chips are the absolute kings in temperature control. You can literally customize anything about your box mod and temperature settings with one of these chips.

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Winston Peki is a marijuana enthusiast and vaporizer expert. Born and raised in Amsterdam, he grew up in a cannabis-friendly climate and learned quickly what a great ally this plant can be. He believes vaping cannabis is the easiest, safest and most straightforward alternative to smoking it. He is the Founder of Herbonaut, an informative vaporizer site where you can find vaporizer reviews and more.

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