Vaping vs. Smoking pot: Which is better for you?

December 13, 2019

Over the years, the usage of pot has been rising throughout the world.  A product that was once illegal is now legal in various countries, including the 33 states of the United States. That is because the herb contains a compound called Cannabinoid, which is known to have medicinal value. As the laws are changing around the product, so are the usage methods. The traditional way has been smoking, but now there is an option referred to as vaping.

The two methods have been quite confusing to pot users, with most people wondering which way is best. The information below contains every detail you need to know about the two methods of using marijuana. That includes the pros and cons of each. From there, you can quickly figure out which is the best method for you.

Smoking pot

Smoking is one of the most popular ways of using marijuana. Before the legalization of cannabis and the revolution of technology, people would roll cannabis in papers, light one end, and smoke on the other. The process of rolling up a joint perfectly before smoking is one of the things that keep this method alive. Thanks to technology, the technique has undergone modifications to make it even more efficient. With the right percolator bong, you can smoke your marijuana without worrying about the messiness that comes with rolling a joint.

Pros of smoking

Smoking marijuana comes with various advantages, as you are going to find out below. It is so far some of the main reasons why this traditional method is still popular among marijuana users.

1. The effects are intense: Getting high with a bong, pipe, or joint is quite easy. The three methods of smoking marijuana involve inhaling the compounds directly, and that means you end up feeling the effects both quickly and intensely. That is something that most people love about smoking.

2. It is much cheaper: Smoking pot is more affordable, provided you are not a heavy smoker. The fact that you don't need an initial investment like that required for vaping, make it an ideal method of taking marijuana more so if you don't have money for a vaporizer. All you need to do is get a bong or use rolling papers. The inexpensiveness of smoking pot is one of the excuses why people are not giving in to vaping.

3. The process is satisfying: Any marijuana smoker can confess that smoking is more of a ritual. You need to take your time preparing the joint or the bong. Some people even respect you once they realize that you are good at rolling a joint or packing up the bowl. It is something pot smokers take pride in whenever they want to puff a joint.

4. There is no learning curve: Apart from rolling a joint or packing a bowl, you don't need to learn how to take a hit. It is something that you can do easily. It is thus an incredible method for those people who don't want to spend too much time learning how to use different vaporizer equipment.

Cons of smoking

1. You have less control of the method: One of the main reasons why people discourage smoking of pot compared to vaping is that you don't have control over the technique, not unless you are ripping the bong. Once you light up a joint and take a puff, all the compounds enter your system without regulation. That includes THC as well as THCV.

2. It brings out a stronger odor: It is easy to know if a pot smoker is around. That is because you end up unleashing an intense smell into the atmosphere. The burnt effect of weed also lingers onto the smoker for quite a long time. It is easy for someone to know you have been smoking even without prolonged scrutiny.

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Vaping pot

Vaping is a popular and healthy way of using cannabis. It is also the latest method that is taking over the streets due to its multiple advantages. The technique is not only fantastic but also very efficient since you get to enjoy various things that smokers don't. With a good vaporizer, you will have an excellent time vaping your marijuana and enjoying its usefulness in a more healthy environment.

Such incredible realities make it hard to decide which method is incredible whenever you start arguing about smoking vs. vaping pot.

Pros of vaping pot

1. It is healthy: Vaping is one of the healthiest ways of using marijuana. Instead of burning cannabis and inhaling smoke, you get to inhale the vapor, which lacks tar. The fact that the whole process is smoke-free makes it one of the best methods for anyone who wants something that doesn't ruin the lungs.

2. You get to feel the flavors: Each strain of pot comes with its distinct taste. The only way to enjoy these tastes if you vape marijuana. The method is perfect for unleashing the flavor and making you understand the characteristics of every strain as compared to smoking.

3. It is efficient: According to the ultimate guide of smoking vs. vaping, vaping is very efficient. It makes it easy for you to extract the cannabinoids from marijuana. You also get to use a single strain for a much longer time as opposed to smoking.

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Cons of vaping

1. Requires a grinder: For you to efficiently make use of a vaporizer, you need to invest in a grinder. That calls for more overhead costs.

2. You have to maintain your vaporizer: After various sessions, you need to clean your vaporizer. Cleaning the equipment is the only way to keep it operating optimally and retain its shape.

3. They are quite expensive: Vaporizers are quite costly compared to bongs, pipes, and blunts. It means that you need to spend so much before enjoying the equipment.

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Which method is better?

From the information above, it is vivid that if you want a safe and healthy method of using marijuana and you have the money, then vaping is the best option for you. But if you want to have a complete experience of using cannabis, then smoking may be an ideal choice for you. All in all, vaping remains to be a healthier option than smoking.

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