Recreational Dispensaries Rules for Customers

Recreational Dispensaries Rules for Customers

December 20, 2018

Preamble: When the rest of the states decide to allow their citizens their Constitutional right to organic medicine…here is a guide for you. Seek a doctor to allow such a right, overpay and register with the overbearing states Medical Marijuana Program (MMP).

  1. Bring all such documentation, including your MMP card so the dispensary may verify the doctor’s prescription and input you into their/governments system.
  2. Purchase a reusable child proof bag (as if you were to purchase a gun or another harmless commodity) and bring it with you every time you visit.
  3. We treat people (Budtender) the way we want to be treated…and that is nice.
  4. The budtender is chock full of advice and suggestions, “buy backs” will depend on your attitude.
  5. Like any customer service based businesses, a “Fin” or a least a couple of bucks will be greatly appreciated.
  6. After said purchase, the laws require to place such goods in the trunk. Here’s a mock to the so called government regulations. Restrictions, control, etc. etc.
  7. This is ironic, the “Feds” will not allow you to purchase with a check or neither a credit/debit card. Hey ”Cash is King“ right.
  8. This is not a trip to party at “Barbie’s Dream House”. Bring yourself and maybe a significant other or a fellow MMP patient.
  9. No blazing or ingesting of marijuana products in, on or around such premise.

Discretion is always advised, “Be Cool…Fool”

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