A Buyers Guide To Marijuana Grow Boxes

March 05, 2022

Growing marijuana can be a complicated and time-consuming process. It’s not simple to achieve conditions well enough to grow, and even if you do, there's no guarantee that you will achieve consistent growth. That’s where marijuana grow boxes come in. A grow box is a hydroponic system for growing plants where you have everything needed to grow pot, in just a small box. Grow boxes are also often referred to as “automated grow cabinets”, which may help you further understand the concept.

A grow box is similar to a grow tent, in that it allows growers to grow their own cannabis in a protected environment. Grow boxes can be purchased as kits, complete with everything needed, from lighting to water lines, or they can be built as a DIY kit. Unlike tents, grow boxes are made from rigid materials, providing greater protection and bearing more weight in terms of equipment. Grow boxes range in size, but on average, they can house anywhere from one to eight plants.

Should you invest in a Marijuana Growbox?

A marijuana grow box is an investment. Even the lower-priced boxes will cost you 100 to 300 dollars. If you aren’t looking to regularly grow weed, then this is likely not for you. With that being said, if you are looking for a simple and convenient way to grow your pot, then a grow box is certainly for you.

If you appreciate optimizing your growing experience, as well as growing in stealth conditions, keep reading… marijuana grow boxes are for you!

Why Would You Want A Grow Box?

There are a number of ways to successfully grow weed, but a grow box is by far the best method. Here’s why:

  1. Faster Growth: A high quality grow box provides more efficient delivery of nutrients to plants, allowing them to grow 30-50 percent faster, which much higher yields. With hydroponic grow boxes, nutrients are delivered using a timing-based system, via a water solution that passes over roots regularly or periodically. Therefore, plants no longer need to search for nutrients as they do when in soil. The energy that is saved is put towards growth and producing nugs.

  2. No Soil Problems: Soil-borne pests and pathogens can severely hinder plant growth and cause diseases. Hydroponically grown plants have far fewer problems regarding bug infestations, funguses and disease. Other soil problems, such as poor structure, poor drainage and non-uniform texture, all of which can be detrimental to plant growth, are not present in consistently maintained growing mediums like grow boxes.

  3. Ecological Advantages: Hydroponic box systems reuse nutrient solutions throughout the growing period, and so the use of water is significantly reduced when compared with traditional gardening methods. Grow box systems are closed and most nutrients end up being used by the plants. Therefore, plants aren’t leaching off fertiliser in the environment. Also, the indoor growing environment along with the soil-less growing medium necessitates little to no use of pesticides.

  4. Decreased Odor: As you may know, marijuana has a distinct, pungent odor. Therefore, cannabis cultivators will especially appreciate the odor-eliminating features of grow cabinets. Carbon (charcoal) filters are used to minimize the smell of weed so your living space remains odor-free and your marijuana growing remains discrete. 

  5. Indoor Alternative: Another advantage grow boxes have is that they are as inconspicuous as any other cabinets. Their appearance resembles a dorm refrigerator, file cabinet, safe box, or storage locker. Most stealth grow boxes require a lock or personalised pass code to open, providing an even higher level of protection. It is no coincidence, then, that marijuana growers feel especially secure growing their weed inside a grow cabinet.

Note: Some grow boxes do use soil, however, they do still make for far fewer issues with the soil used, and maintain all the other advantages of grow boxes.

What usually comes In The Marijuana Grow Box?

As we mentioned, grow boxes come fully assembled with all the equipment needed to grow cannabis inside. There are a variety of grow boxes available, but most come with the same tools, which are:

Grow boxes are extremely simple to use. Follow the instructions that come with your grow box in order to place your seeds in the right position. Then, be sure to regularly check up on your flowers to see how they are doing. No set-up is required. 

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Top 10 Grow Boxes Available

Of course, there are many great grow boxes available on the market. However, it is important to get a high quality box to avoid any bad grows, returns, etc. So, here’s my list of the 10 best grow boxes you can buy.

1. Grobo Premium Grow Box

The Grobo Premium boasts automatic nutrient dosing, automated pH balancing, responsive LED lighting, 24/7 environmental monitoring, optional drying racks and educational push notifications. To maximize your plant's yield, Grobo uses more blue light during vegetative growth and more red light during the flowering phase. It is quite the sophisticated piece of equiment, and only the size of a cabinet. And, it looks classy but discreet

2. Hazelbox Compact Hazelbeam

The Hazelbox Hazelbeam truly is small and discreet. It looks like any other small cabinet, and was even designed to be unassuming designer furniture. It is also sturdy, and fully equipped, ready to grow. It has pre-programmed growth phases and contains no wiring of the individual components. Just plug in the power cord, select a program and off you go.

3. Dealzer Grandma's Secret Garden

The Grandma's Secret Garden is an beginner friendly, automated 4 plant grow box that can grow plants automatically from seed to harvest in 2-3 months.
 It grows 3-4 pounds of plant matter per 2-3 month growing cycle. The unit is designed and manufactured by Dealzer, a brand that has a selection of over 2,000 grow boxes and hydroponic systems. It also offers a lifetime warranty on everything except the lights, which come with a 1-year warranty.

4. SuperCloset Grow Box

The Super Closet has many features, as well as much praise and experience, that many other companies in the industry simply don’t have. This, obviously, makes it one of the best grow boxes out there. They boast “20 years of cultivating excellence”, and their box has been the number one selling box since 2002. Super Closet uses premium nutrients, and also have super efficient oder minimizing, which is often crucial for many growers.

5. Growzilla Hydroponics Grow Box

The Growzilla maintains its performance reliably long-term with a sturdy wooden construction. It is smooth to the touch, and hand painted by American artists, giving it a sleek, modern look. Moreover, it comes with built-in odor control fans, which will keep your living space free from unwanted smells

6. Dealzer Hydroponics Grow Box

The Dealzer Hydroponics Grow Box is a vertically large  box, the perfect size for growing 2 to 4 feet tall plants. On top of that, it can be used to clone up to 6 plants. There’s not even the most basic setup required, as it comes fully assembled in a the box ready to go. Dealzer also offers unlimited tech support via email or call. All you have to do is reach out to them, and your issues will be resolved within no time.

7. Eket Duo 2 Chamber Perpetual Harvest Box

The Eket Duo 2 Chamber Perpetual Harvest Box helps you cut down on time between harvests, as it has a 2 chamber perpetual harvesting feature. You can start growing a new plant in the smaller box on top of the main one before the first plant is ready to harvest. These boxes are well crafted, in Sweden no less, by the well-known and well-trusted, Super Green Lab.

This company has a wide range of parts and products for growing, from high-grade lighting and ventilation to drying and curing kits. They offer DIY kits, as well as all-in-one boxes. Also, look out for their downloadable grow box, which is coming soon. It’s a grow box design you can download and make yourself, so long as you have access to a 3D printer.

8. Aerospring Indoor 27-Plant Hydroponic System

The Aerospring Indoor Hydroponic System is a 2-in-1 convertible gardening system. In a way, it is a grow box, grow tent hybrid. It is easy to set up both indoors and outdoors. The Aerospring is a versatile system that comes with 6 x 23 W professional-grade tri-band LED grow lights.

When using outdoors for natural sunlight, the plants don’t require direct sunlight exposure due to the Ocford D600 tent interior, which contains reflective white interior panels. Manufactured with the highest quality components and adhering to strict quality assurance standards, you can rest assured of this grow boxes’ longevity. It can house 27 plants, but the box is on wheels, so it is easy and effortless to move around.

9. Seedo Grow Box

Seedo by SeedoLab is a fully sterile hermetic system, featuring built-in CO2 cartridges and an air conditioning unit that controls both temperature and humidity, drastically minimising doors. Seedo has perhaps the most futuristic-looking design out of any grow box I’ve seen. It also boasts an auto-adjusting lighting system, which maintains optimal distance from plants at all times. Seedo’s mineral delivery system includes C & PH sensors for optimal, automated & timely delivery of minerals. Lastly, Seedo comes with HD live streaming to check on your plants without disturbing them. 

10. Super Box LED Smart Grow Box

Also by the SuperCloset company, the Super Box LED Smart Grow Box is the most compact box in the SuperCloset catalogue. As tiny as it is, it certainly packs a punch. It has dual X40 Flower LED grow lights and is available in hydroponic or soil configurations. The box creates less unwanted heat, as well as larger, higher quality yields than other SuperCloset boxes, according to the designers themselves. The Super Box is perfect for growers at any level.

Final Thoughts

Grow boxes come in all shapes and sizes; and the equipment can sometimes vary slightly from design to design. This begs the question, what do you need to consider when buying a marijuana grow box? 

  • Size: As I said, grow boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Before making a purchase, consider the dimensions, and how many plants you wish to grow. Also, consider the type of plant you have, how tall they typically grow, and how wide.

  • Stealth-Factor: If you wish to be discreet when using your grow box, opt for something smaller, or that looks like a regular storage cabinet. Also, make are the box includes good odor minimizing components, such as CO2 filters and a fan or air conditioning unit. 

  • Price: These boxes all range in price. There are options as low as 3-4 hundred dollars, to thousands of dollars. You may want to try a cheaper option if you are a beginner grower, as there are many high quality, affordable boxes. However, if you are experienced and more purposeful with your growth, you may want to invest some more into your box for durability and complexity in design.