9 Reasons Why Dry Herb Vaping Cannabis Is Better than Smoking It

9 Reasons Why Dry Herb Vaping Cannabis Is Better than Smoking It

May 26, 2022

Smoking cannabis is becoming a thing of the past! As we as a society learn more about the unhealthy decisions of our past and present, smoking in general, is an obvious culprit. We have moved quite a way since doctors recommended cigarettes to their patientsbut smoking is still the number one intake of cannabis. Joints, blunts and bongs are extremely popular.

We have accepted the enormous toll it takes on our health but most people consider the benefits outweigh the cons. That was my own logic at least. But I finally saw the light when I saw a post on Reddit about the Mighty, a dry herb vaporizer for cannabis flower! My mind was blown as I thought vaporizers were only for oil, but luckily I was wrong.

Why I started using dry herb vaporizers

I have always been an avid non-smoker of cigarettes, so when I discovered cannabis at 19-20 years old I was in a dilemma: Being high is awesome! But smoking isn’t very pleasant (not as gross as smoking cigarettes though!). The awesomeness won and I smoked joints and blunts for over a decade even though I always hated the smell and taste of the smoke. 

When I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant something clicked inside me and some things had to be changed. That’s when I discovered the amazing magic of dry herb vaporizers and I decided to give it a go. A less harmful way to consume cannabis? Sounds too perfect to be true and you know what? It wasn’t! After weaning myself off the harmful toxins from smoking (more on that later) it was better than I ever imagined. Here is why

First: It’s less harmful

Smoking anything releases tar, benzene, carbon monoxide and other harmful by-products.

The temperatures are obviously higher than vaping since combustion happens at higher temperatures than vapor. When combustion happens you inhale smoke. The whole point of vaping is to avoid inhaling those extreme temperatures and avoid getting smoke into your lungs.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of research on vaping cannabis yet, but vaping nicotine has been proved to be at least 95% safer than smoking nicotine by established UK scientists. It would be logical to assume roughly the same number when we compare smoking cannabis to vaping cannabis. Meaning that it might be 95% safer than smoking it. It is no wonder that vaping cannabis is the recommended way of consuming medical cannabis. 

Second: Less ‘Hangover’

The next two are tough to prove scientifically but in my own experience (and countless others on online forums like Reddits r/vaporents and fuckcombustion.com), you get less of that infamous ‘weed hangover.'

We all know the feeling of waking up the next day after a long night of smoking: you feel drowsy and slow! This feeling is less noticeable if you stick to vaping cannabis. I can’t explain why, but I’m suspecting leaving the harmful by-products out of the equation makes your ‘weed hangover’ less noticeable.  

Speaking of harmful by-products, those also affect the high you’re feeling. So keep on reading...

Third: A ‘cleaner’ high

If you poke around on the different dry herb vaping subs, like Reddits r/vaporents and fuckcombustion.com, you might notice a lot of people describing the vaping high as more clean. What cleans means is tough to define, but I agree. It feels more… clean.

Not everybody knows this, but when you’re smoking cannabis you don’t get high just from the cannabis. The other compounds also affect your high, so if your first vaping-high feels a bit weak it is just because you’re missing all the (dangerous) secondary compounds.

I’ll admit that my first puffs on the Mighty made be cough my ass off and the high felt a little disappointing, but I was determined to make the switch so I took at two-week break from combustion and during those two weeks the high I got from vaping got better and ‘cleaner.'

A t-break could also be a good start to your vaping career, but it isn’t necessary. Just don’t keep smoking while your body gets used to vaping, because you need an adjustment period to make the switch a success.

Heavy smokers might feel vaping is underwhelming and I’m not saying it will be easy to just stop smoking, but with a little patience and practice you’ll never look back. I still smoke a blunt from time to time and honestly, I’m not crazy about the high anymore, and the taste began to feel terrible. 

Fourth: Better taste

This one is probably my personal favorite advantages of vaping cannabis.

You can actually taste your herb! You’re not just getting hints of lemon from your Lemon OG strain, you’re actually getting an explosion of taste! Suddenly all your different strains taste a lot better and it is easier to tell them apart just from taste.

Let’s be honest, you taste almost nothing of the actual strain when you’re combusting. Maybe you get a hint of taste, but it is mostly smoke and ash. It’s no wonder the best judges (surprisingly, not all of them) at Cannabis Cups use vaporizers to pick the best tasting cannabis strain. 

Fifth: More discreet

This one is my second favorite advantage: Discretion.

Whether you live in a country where cannabis is illegal (like myself), if you want to consume cannabis without your spouse (this guy) or parents noticing or if you just wanna be mindful of your neighbors/roommates (who, me? Yeah. I care.), vaping your cannabis is the perfect solution to your problems.

Vapor smells less than smoke! Waaaay less! And it doesn’t linger and stick to your clothes and hair. The first couples of indoor vaping seshes will surprise you by the lack of lingering smells.

Furthermore, vapor evaporates fairly quickly. I’m not saying it can’t be smelled if you walk into a room 5 minutes after someone finished a sesh, but I have to say, it's usually barely noticeable, and the smell will disappear A LOT faster.

If you’re in public and get paranoid about smoking cannabis a vaporizer will be more discreet, not only because it smells less but also because 99% of the public will assume your vaping nicotine.

Sixth: Easier to load

Compared to rolling up a joint or blunt, loading your vaporizer is a breeze. It requires zero skill, so even your friend who only gets high a couple of times a year can load it up. If you have a physical handicap which makes rolling a challenge you will find loading a vaporizer much easier. 

It’s a two-step process, first; grind your cannabis. Second; put your cannabis into the oven of the vaporizer.

Easy peasy! Many vaporizers actually lets you skip step 1 as you can put whole nugs in the oven/chamber/loading area. I’m pretty sure you could train a monkey to do it for you. How cool would that be?!

Vaporizers comes in 2 different loading styles:

  1. An oven which you scoop cannabis or nugs into (Mighty, Firewood 7, Firefly 2, DaVinci)

  2. Or stem loading where you mash your stem into some grinded cannabis (Dynavap, Arizer Solo 2, Tinymight). Stem loading makes it incredibly easy to load up your vape on the go. When I’m out and about I carry a little airtight container with pre-grinded cannabis. 

abv and fresh cannabis

These are my two jars I carry with me, one for the fresh herb, and the other one for my ABV, which we will talk about it in the next section. 

Seventh: Less waste

Cannabis ain’t cheap! And in some places it can be difficult to obtain. So wasting cannabis almost feels like a cardinal sin. We’ve probably all tipped over a full grinder and then felt the hurt deep in our bones, because this beautiful plant shouldn’t be all over the carpet! 

A vaporizer can’t prevent you from dropping your grinder, but it can help you conserve your cannabis. A lot, actually! It does this in 3 ways:

  1. Smoking a joint is not a very effective way of consuming cannabis. Some reports say that up too 70% of the THC in your joint is wasted! 23-30% is lost to pyrolytic destruction, and 40 to 50% goes up in sidestream smoke, Vaping your cannabis wastes 0%.

  2. Most vaporizer doesn’t even hold that much material. A dynavap holds about 0.1g pr bowl and a Mighty hold about 0.2g pr. bowl. Using a little quick math you could vape 10 (!) Dynavap bowl instead of a 1g joint. And I guarantee you will not be able to go through 10 Dynavap bowls in a row just because you can smoke a 1g blunt.

  3. The reason for my above claim that most people wouldn't be able to vape 10 Dynavap bowls back-to-back is because vaping your cannabis extracts more cannabinoids and you can actually get the full spectrum of cannabinoids in a single bowl. Let's talk more about the extraction of cannabinoids with a vaporizer in the next section.

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Oh and before we move on: speaking of less waste, when you’re done vaping you can save the vaped cannabis, also called AVB (Already Vaped Bud) and make edibles out of it. It has been completely de-carbed and is ready for consumption. You can eat it raw, but that’s gross so I suggest to put it in a cake or something. A rule of thumb is the more brown your AVB is, the less potent the edible will be.

Ninth: It gets the most out of your concentrates

Dry herb vaporizers is also amazing at handling cannabis concentrates. Which ones? All of them!

And with the above in mind it’s time to stop wasting your precious and expensive concentrates by putting them on the outside of your blunt or some other Instagram shit. 

Most vaporizers come with different concentrate pads. Mostly they will look like small dosing caps with a metal mesh or a cotton pad inside. Dynavap sells an accessory called Dynacoil which is made for concentrates. 

If you ask me, the best way to vape concentrates is to sandwich it between two layers of bud and then get ready for an explosion of flavor and effect. It is important to use either pads or the sandwich method so the concentrates doesn’t melt right into the electronics.

More control (of cannabinoids)

Another exciting advantage vaping holds over smoking is temperature control. Not everyone knows this but different cannabinoids gets released at different temperatures. And the different cannabinoids have different medical properties (or so they say, I ain’t no doctor). Take a look at the picture below. It explains which cannabinoids gets released at different temperatures:


The most famous cannabinoid is, of course ,THC, but CBD is also practically everywhere these days. CBD is really gaining traction as its non-psychoactive and calming effects are an intriguing cannabinoid for many people. 

I’m not gonna tell you that if you have epileptic seizures you should just vape some CBD and not go see a doctor. That would be irresponsible of me. I’m not an expert on medical cannabis and I’m not going to pretend to be. I will say though, that controlling the temperatures you’re using can affect the kind of high you’ll get. Eg. lower temperatures feels more like a head high and high temperatures feels more like a body high (the quality of your flower is obviously also an important factor).

I use it this way: 

  • If I want a ‘light high’ that enables me to go to the grocery store, go to the gym, being active, etc. I will vape at the lower temperatures of about 340F - 365F. 
  • If I want a ‘couchlock-high’ that disables me (almost literally) from doing the above I will vape at the higher temperatures of about 390F - 425F.

I promise you’ll feel a difference between low and high temperatures. You should still experiment with it though. The temperature above is what I personally use but that doesn’t mean those are the temperatures you should use. The different temperatures will also have different tastes. In general, people who prefer taste above all else vape at the lower temperatures. 

a bonus reason; it's fun!

I have a theory that all of us have a collector inside us. In one way or another most of us think it’s fun to collect something. For some people it’s stamps, for some it’s pictures of clowns (that new John Wayne Gacy Netflix documentary is great!) and for other people, like myself, it’s something less creepy: Vaporizers!

Welcome to the world of VAS - Vaporizers Acquisition Syndrome. Unfortunately there is only one cure: More vaporizers. VAS is basically just FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) transformed into the vaping world. There is a big community of people who own dozens of different vaporizers and collecting them is a fun hobby. 

Another fun thing about vaporizers is modifying your vapes. Most, if not all, can in some way be modified to provide different advantages: 

  • Is the vapor too warm? Try putting borosilicate balls in your stem to enhance the cooling
  • Is the airflow too restricted? Try finding a new third party stem that improves the airflow
  • Is the bowl too small? Try elbow packing your stem. That means installing a screen further down the stem
  • Is the bowl too big? Try a basket screen

The possibilities are endless! Especially with a device like Dynavap. Those can be disassembled and matched with other Dynavaps stems etc. I’m personally a big fan of playing around with different setups. Check out my Instagram for different examples: the.smith.street.band. And as always, you can DM me if you have any questions or just wanna talk about vaporizers. You can also reach out to our customer support at support@421store.com