The illegality of cannabis is outrageous...

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” ~ Carl Sagan

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Sonya Dee Slager
Sonya Dee Slager

March 23, 2017

He, Carl Sagan, posessed a true and epic brilliance in abstract thinking ; seriously abstract in reference to th extreme in that th theories n concepts n math n science that he LIVED IZ WAS N WILL ALWAYS B is beyond th comprehension of most th worlds populous living or deceased …truy he is one ov "THE GREATEST MINDS N THANK GOODNESS SUCH TH PHENOMINAL "PROFESSOR =) not only was he one ov mankinds dearest gifts and blessing God gave us to assist this inhumane human race in its journey through th modern era ov th evolutionary process ov th collective human intillectual n sadly he has shuffled off this mortal coil n will b deeply missed by th coutless souls he so lovingly inspited !!! We humans will b thankfully eternally reap th benfits ov his so stunning aweinspiring intillect for millenea to come PROVIDED we r as a whole wise enough a species to heed his advice and "listen learn applly adapt and change to that which we have so sadly saddled our existence to through our human state ov seemingly perpetual ignorance illustated best by our current state : upon th verge ov extinction fueled by th unfortunate prevailing state ov human greed … i myself pray wholeheartedly regularly that sumday through th use ov math n science assisted by Carl Segans INCREDIBLE UNIQUELY INSIGHTFUL PERSPECTIVE ON ALL THAT ACTUALLY EXISTS that humans will finally "WAKETHFLUKUP!!! N SEE TH BIG FRIGGIN PICTURE!!! BEFORE ITS TOO LATE N CLIMATE CHANGE DOES US IN!!! AS WE TOAST OUR CHAMPAGNE EAT OUR CAVIAR N NAVIGATE OUR YACHTS ON OUR DYING OCEANS EXHALTING TH UNDYING HUMAN LUST FOR POWER & MONEY THAT IZ SENDING US A TICKING TIME BOMB OV CERTAIN GLOBAL ANHIALLATION CAREENING THROUGH SPACE DESTINED TO WOBBLE WITHIN OUR ORBIT OV TH SUN TEARING AT TH MAGNETIC FABRIC OV SPACE!!! to th rich th powerful th trully ignorant !!! OOPS I DO BELIEVE WE CAN MAKE IT IF WE TRY BUT FIRST WE MUST APPLY TH AGE OLD INSTRUCTION OV PULL OUR IGNORANT HEADS OUT OV OUR MONEY GRUBBING ASSES SO WE WONT ALL BE DEAD !!! … Carl’s life’s work should b sumwhat a serious roadmap to avert th current course ov mankinds existence and move forward as a whole people change our destructive polluting ways kuz though so many have GOD COMPLEXES i think th job has been filled for a very long time n seriously people what r th odds they r all they are all tellin rh truth ? … NOT !!! God iz but one atherical dude n taint no way a fuckton ov humans r God simultaneously !!! Im thinkin that its a grandeous state ov being n their just damn ass delusional so perhaps we can thin for ourselves sumday n quit listinin to th destroyers to plan our healing k …. just th facts man !!! add up th facts and act accordingly !!! Th more we know th more wecknow we dont know … please could our world power structure study Segans work so maybe sumday they too can know sumthin kuz honest its lookin like they r blind to th truth starin us all in th face ov our current choice ov perpetual apathetic ignorance nn certain doom !!! HE GAV E US TH MAP N TH CLUES I HOPE THOSE LEFT TO FOLLOW IN HIS AWESOME SHOES CAN SUMDAY DO HIM PROUD RAYHER THAN ALLOW TH STATUS QUO TO RUIN THAT WHICH HE IMPARTED IN ALL HIS BRILLIANCE N GOOD GROOVYNESS N SHINY SPARKLY THINKIN THAT STILL MAKES ME SO HAPPY N FULL OV SMILES !!! FROM TH BOTTOM OV MY HEART OV HEARTS THANK YOU DEAREST CARL SEGAN N GOD BLESS AS YOU TRULY ARE AN ETERNAL BLESSING OV WISDOM COMPASSION N HOPE FOR HEALING !!! =)

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