Microsoft To Jump In On Cannabis Business

By Wendy Anderson

Microsoft has announced this week that they are partnering with LA-based cannabis software company Kind Financial. This company creates software that tracks plants throughout their entire cycle, and Microsoft is the first major corporation to make the dive into the Cannabis business.

Microsoft will not be getting near the growers or dispensaries, they will instead be working with the government divisions. Working with Kind’s “government solutions” and offering software to state or local governments building compliance systems.

Kind was founded in 2013 and has developed the software called Agrisoft Seed to Sale for growers, businesses, and governments. This software has helped keep structure where many have issues in that area.

The government wants stringent rules followed which is understandable, but barely any banks will allow for business accounts so much of the business is done in cash. This leaves many owners in hard positions due to the high level of demand they receive. Maybe now this corporate partnership will bring some better organization and more positive light on the cannabis industry.

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