5 Reasons How CBD Can Improve Workout Results

December 01, 2021

Cannabis products have suddenly become mainstream since their approval for sale in many places worldwide. You might be probably aware of numerous CBD products, such as oils and topicals, which are highly regarded for their wide-ranging benefits to your body without any psychoactive effect. This, among many other reasons, shows why you should pay attention to CBD's ever-evolving benefits.

CBD is among the top emerging trends within the health and fitness world. In fact, in 2019, the World Anti-Doping Agency exempted CBD from their banned marijuana lists, making it a lucrative supplement for athletes seeking to improve their workout results.

Understanding CBD

CBD refers to cannabidiol, one of the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Research reveals the substance has potential health benefits like treating inflammation and muscle soreness. Moreover, CBD products can provide potential relief from certain health conditions, including pain and anxiety.

Although CBD shares much of its potential benefits with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it doesn't have a similar psychoactive effect. This means using CBD products will not get you high or cause any form of euphoria. 

Based on the wide-ranging claims surrounding CBD products, it's challenging to determine the right health benefits of CBD. However, one standout fact is that CBD can be an ideal natural supplement for relaxation and sports recovery. Below are five ways how CBD can improve your workout results.

CBD can Strengthen the Body's Natural Defenses

CBD contains powerful therapeutic effects that are beneficial for the mind and body, which is why CBD supplements are now widely included in diets rich in vitamin C and D. Besides, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties may boost the immune system, ensuring you're free from chronic diseases that may affect your workout performance. 

CBD can interact with numerous receptors within the body, allowing the endocannabinoid system to function properly and regulate key body functions. Such functions include maintaining good overall health and keeping the fitness levels high, thus ensuring you're well-poised to enjoy improved workouts. 

For those looking for more fast-acting and potent effects along with the psychoactive effects, you can try shop for nutritious delta 8 carts available online. These carts allow users to inhale delta 8 THC, allowing quick absorption and delivering maximum effects within a short time. 

CBD can Ease Inflammation After a Workout

While workouts are good for our physical health, athletes often face challenges while recovering from them. It can be pretty painful to push through and achieve the desired workout result, especially when faced with constant aching muscles and inflammation of the joints.

CBD products, such as oils and edibles, can relieve you of workout-related inflammation. The substance contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that aid in better post-workout recovery from joint soreness. Besides, you can also use CBD before workouts to reduce inflammation and improve your muscle flexibility.

CBD can Improve Sleep Cycles

Nothing improves recovery from workouts than a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, it is tough for most athletes to get proper sleep amid their busy workout schedules and aching muscles. No matter what workout routine you follow, lack of enough sleep means your health and energy levels will be directly affected during the day. Moreover, sleep deprivation means that you might not be in the right frame to perform your workouts as expected. 

Sleep quality matters whether you're a beginner or at an advanced level in your workouts. In most cases, poor sleep results from chronic pain and anxiety issues. CBD can help you achieve a restful night's sleep by alleviating the symptoms of these conditions.

Furthermore, continued use of CBD products can ensure healthy sleep cycles by relaxing the body and mind. A healthy sleep cycle can boost your energy levels and prepare you for better workout performance. 

CBD can Help in Pain Management

Pain relief is arguably the most common health benefit associated with CBD products. The substance interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain to regulate how the body responds to pain. CBD oils contain numerous compounds that can encourage body healing, making them ideal when dealing with pain or workout injuries.

CBD is also effective if you're struggling with chronic pain. Using CBD oil drops at regular intervals helps you reduce the pain symptoms and regulate soreness around the painful area. Research also reveals Cannabis has analgesic potential. You can, therefore, use it to ease pain both during and after workouts. Currently, various athletes are leveraging CBD in their post-workouts to alleviate muscle aches and joint pain.

CBD can Prevent Muscle Breakdown

One of the lesser-known characteristics of CBD is that it can aid in muscle recovery and reduce the breakdown of lean muscle tissue in the body, helping gain more muscle mass.

In addition, consistent use of CBD among athletes can reduce catabolic hormones in the body and regulate cortisol hormone. Cortisol is a stress hormone often associated with the breakdown of muscle tissue to supply the body with blood sugar. By regulating the supply of this hormone, CBD can prevent protein breakdown, helping you build more lean muscle.


Incorporating CBD supplements into your workout routine is a decision you may want to consider soon. The ability of these products to enhance your workout results makes them a necessary inclusion to your sports recovery routine. Moreover, CBD products are easy to use and available in various forms, such as edibles, tinctures, and many more, maximizing the potential health benefits.