7 Top Hemp Oil Brands In 2019 And How To Choose The Best One

November 15, 2019

When you are looking for hemp oil and CBD products, you may have tried several different brands over the years. However, you may not know which brand is the best one for you to try. There are seven brands listed below that you will love using every day. Plus, you may want to try a new brand that might offer more potency. Continue reading to decide which option is best for you as you manage your own pain, anxiety, or depression.

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1. XO Hemp

XO Hemp is a zero-THC product that you can use to manage your pain and anxiety. This company knows that they need to give you as much variety as possible, and you will find an organic hempseed oil that you can add to your routine. This product line also included a fractionated coconut oil that will provide you with the medicinal properties that you need.

The company also makes a CBD salve that will help you take care of your skin, wounds, and infected areas. This salve is designed with natural products like ginger and turmeric. The best part of this company is that you can use a combination of their CBD products and even cannabis if you want. There is a fractionated coconut oil, and there is a salve that can be used on your skin.

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2. Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals is a full spectrum hemp extract that allows you to manage your pain and anxiety. The oil can help you with inflammation, or it can be used to calm headaches or help you relax. The vial is very easy to open, and the dropper allows you to measure the exact dose that you want.

There are flavors like Tropical Breeze and Chocolate Mint that should be taken orally every day. You can increase or decrease your dosage based on how you feel. Plus, you can get assistance if you are a veteran, have a low income, or are on disability. See if this company can help you handle your medical issues.

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3. Flora Sophia Botanicals

Flora Sophia is a full spectrum oil that uses a slightly different production process than most companies. The company will extract the CBD oil they need and mix that with things like MCT oil and hempseed oil. The variety of products makes it easy for you to choose something that you will enjoy.

They do not flavor these oils, but they do offer an infusion of Vitamin E that you might need in your diet. Plus, the company has a wholesale program that allows you to get better prices if you belong to the Chronic Care Program.

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4. Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms is a very popular company that allows you to get an oil that will work best for your medical conditions. You can use their watermelon, strawberry, peppermint, and citrus flavors when you are trying the product. You may want to try her unflavored oil if you do not want a smell on your or in your mouth.

They recommend that you take this product orally, and they also grow their products in a phytocannabinoid style. This company is using more advanced techniques than others, and they are using sustainable techniques to reduce their impact on the land. Because of this, you may prefer to buy their products.

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5. Eureka Effects

Eureka Effects makes an unflavored CBD oil that you may use to handle pain, inflammation, or even asthma. This company knows that they can provide you with a level of care that other hemp oils cannot. Plus, they make an unflavored oil that will work for everyone.

The Eureka Effects team wants their clients to manage their anxiety and depression using these oils. Because you are using these oils every day, you can change the way that you approach things like pain or anxiety. The pain and anxiety that you must deal with every day should be something that you can manage on your own. If you want to use CBD oil every day, you may choose this unflavored oil that feels and smells natural.

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6. Zion Medicinals

Zion Medicinals uses spagyric oils that will allow you to manage your own medical conditions. The spagyric process is a unique way to create these oils. The oils will be made using the standard plant, but the plants will be burned off to create a white ash. The white ash is then filtered into the oil, and the medicinals properties of the ash are added to the oil.

The multi-step process that they use allows them to make an even more potent oil than normal, and they also use hemp mineral salts to add power to their products. Additionally, this company makes a fractionated coconut oil that you might find effective. This is a good product to try if you have been experimenting with oils. Plus, the natural coconuts flavor is soothing to the sense.

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7. NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf makes a full spectrum CBD oil that you can use for medicinal purposes. The company makes large bottles that will help you with topical use, or you can take the tincture orally every day.

They produce an oil that is very strong, and they have created a product that is unflavored. You do not need to worry about the flavor getting int the way of the effectiveness, and you can feel the difference because the CO2 is removed from the oil before it is filtered and bottled.

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Choosing the best CBD or hemp oils for your medical issues is a big part of how you take care of your body. You do not want to rely on traditional medications when you can use these oils to treat yourself. Plus, you can use oils that have a lovely flavor, have been created to help with pain, anxiety, or depression. You can even use these oils to treat conditions like asthma because traditional treatments may be too expensive or ineffective. You can trust a natural CBD oil that you use orally every day.

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