7 Best CBD Creams and Topical for Natural Pain Relief

January 13, 2020

CBD continues to command a lot of attention when it comes to naturally dealing with pain and inflammation. Even though an individual’s citing CBD for the first time often encounter tinctures and CBD oil, the creams and topical are making their way through the beauty industry. They are increasingly becoming popular with every single minute that passes.

The topical CBD products aid in improving skin structure, appearance, and health status. A CBD cream functions through applying it on the surface of the skin. If your elbow is in pain and inflamed, then you use the CBD cream on it for relief. Stiffness and muscle cramps after workouts are also a condition that CBD creams and topical assist in alleviating.

To find the proper relief for your muscles, here are the best CBD topical brands on the market today

  1. Lazarus CBD Balm Full Spectrum

This product is smooth and engulfs you in a sweet and bright fragrance once you open it. Having a touch of it land on your skin leaves the skin not only radiant, but also quite even in skin color. Being a full spectrum CBD mix, you can expect all the cannabinoids, the terpenes, and other beneficial elements to the skin.

With lavender for the unshakable fragrance and coconut and lavender oil for the greasy feel, which does not stick but absorb immediately, your skin appears glossy and well maintained. Other ingredients such as hemp extract full spectrum ensure that you receive the essential CBD for the pain. Besides, if you prefer the product without the fragrance, you have a choice, which increases variety.

  1. Infused Skin Care Cream by Charlotte’s Web

People sensitive to strong smells or scents from their skincare products can attempt using Charlotte’s Web skincare cream. It is not that the product lacks in scent, but the scent they choose is quite subtle, making it hard to smell it at a go. As a result, it makes a perfect companion to individuals with allergic reactions to different fragrances.

With its creamy texture, you massage it gently and deeply penetrate the skin leaving no blotches behind. The CBD extract in use is full-spectrum, which delivers a myriad of benefits. Aloe Vera helps to cleanse, while coconut oil, glycerin, and other ingredients moisturize, protect against external damage, and promote skin regeneration.

  1. Rapid CBD Cooling Cream from Medterra

This CBD cooling cream has a tingling sensation that can help in bringing down the inflammation. If suffering continuously from inflamed muscles and looking forward to a full rest at night, then you need to apply this cooling cream to the affected areas. It emits a medicinal fragrance which can be uncomfortable to some but also works like a charm in helping you relax.

The CBD isolate used in this case ensures a higher concentration on the affected areas. Other ingredients, including sunflower seed oil, keep the skin hydrated by trapping moisture on the skin surface. The vitamin C and other parts promote faster recovery through skin cell regeneration and proper skin nutrition.

  1. Hemp Balm Extra Strength Form Plus CBD Oil Gold

Peppermint is the most relaxing and stress relieving of all fragrances present around the world. Sometimes, its description and effects can include hypnotic capabilities.

Why is this case?

Peppermint is fundamental in boosting individual concentration, energy levels and can induce a state of wakefulness while at the same time, jogging your memory. The hemp balm is necessary as it can help with sore muscles offering relief almost immediately after application.

The balm is greasy, which works well with the skin towards preventing excessive dryness and water loss. Also, it is refreshing and quite energetic, offering soothing effects that put your mind to a relaxing state ad sometimes to sleep.

  1. Catskills and Comfrey CBD and Arnica

Sometimes, pain tramples over beauty, and applying the CBD and Arnica becomes the only way to gain some relief. CBD can help in fighting the inflammation, but in combination with Arnica, the effectiveness of the process doubles. Individuals fighting medical conditions such as arthritis and continuous joint pain can benefit from this product.


It is thick in texture, and applying it requires extra attention to massaging it into the skin. The herbal-like fragrances it emits has a soothing characteristic even though it is quite mild/ light. Besides, CBD, Arnica, and the many other ingredients that make the product are effective in ensuring an even skin tone and protection.

  1. CBD Healing Salve by Da Crema Botanicals

Fighting skin irritation is now easier and practical. With the healing skincare salve, you can challenge sore muscles and gain relief from skin irritation almost immediately. It is light and non -greasy texture makes it easy to apply and massage into the skin.

The shea butter, natural oils, and the beeswax give a glow and a smooth feel of your skin. Lavender, Basil, Rosemary, and other essential herbs provide the Salve with the healing fragrance it emits each time you apply. The herbal scent is not mild, but neither is it sharp, bringing a balance that many individuals seek in their skincare products.

  1. WA Foot Cream with CBD

Aching feet after a long day’s work, a lap around your local feet, or from an injury is unavoidable. Therefore, you need to identify and use the WA foot cream with CBD. The foot cream elicits a cooling sensation that helps massage your aching feet, ensuring better relief. Besides, it has one of the fantastic aromas, which are a combination of chocolate and mint. Since the name WA in Japanese comes with a translation referring to balance, harmony, and sense of serenity, the cream delivers precisely that after application.


CBD creams and topicals are of a wide range. Selecting one can pose a huge challenge, especially for first-time users. All you require is to understand your skin in case of sensitivities and purchase from a reputable source for quality products. You will find relief if you purchase with these considerations in mind. Select CBD topicals and creams that will deliver on all that you desire!