4 Best Ways to Consume CBD Flower

August 10, 2021

CBD is one of the most powerful natural substances in the world. It has many medical benefits, and people have been interested in using it for a long time. Oils and tinctures appeared on the market, followed by numerous other products such as edibles, topicals, pills, etc. Only recently, CBD flowers have joined this group.

Once legal sales are allowed, many wonder where to buy CBD flower and use it. The sale of dry hemp buds can be made at all authorized dealers or directly from the manufacturer. With a little research, you can find them all online.

When it comes to using hemp flowers, there are several methods. Whether you want to further 'process' the buds or use them immediately, you can opt for smoking, vaping, or making DIY CBD goods (edibles, oils, teas).

1. Smoking CBD

Many people equal CBD and marijuana. It may be that they have heard of all of the recent hype surrounding this hemp derivative and are curious how to take it without breaking any laws. Be without worry, and think of cannabidiol as a natural remedy, a legal substance, and something you can benefit from.

As one might expect, there is a plethora of information on the Internet about cannabidiol. Many of these sites stress that smoking is safe and that serious side effects do not exist. That is true, as CBD is now known as psychoactive and won't cause any addiction.

The thing is simple - the hemp flower you got just needs to be crushed, put in a pipe or bong, or turned into a joint. Light it up and enjoy. When you consider that cannabidiol has almost zero side effects, it becomes clear that smoking won't make anyone addicted.

2. Vaping 

There is no smoking ban in the United States, so it is up to the users to decide if they want to inhale the plain buds or through vaporizers. These can be portable or tabletop devices. You use them to inhale CBD content, too. But there's no smoke and odor, which is why many people prefer vaping pens rather than joints.

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In States, CBD is legal as long as it doesn't contain more than 0.3 percent THC. Yet, in some states, this limit has been relaxed so as to allow higher concentrations of the substance. You can choose any strain you want for vaping, but keep in mind that those richer in terpenes are more smokable than others.

There are many health benefits to be had by smoking CBD flowers. With pulmonary administration (smoking or vaping), you will feel a rapid onset of positive effects. That's because cannabidiol goes into blood vessels directly. After that, it usually takes less than a minute to reach nerve cells and receptors in the brain.

3. Home-Made Oil or Tincture

A great way to use hemp buds wisely is to make a DIY oil or canna butter. It may sound complicated but making these at the comfort of your home is not only possible but also quite simple. You can check for more information on this process and see that you have all tools in your kitchen.

If you decide to make CBD oils, decarboxylation of hemp buds is necessary. This process activates inactive CBDAs and converts them into cannabidiol. Thus, this substance becomes easier to absorb. In short, decarboxylation is heating the buds at a certain temperature for an hour. Once the flowers turn brown, chop and use them as intended.

In the further process of making these DIY products, you will use alcohol or oil as a solvent. Generally, these liquids need to soak the buds for a while. Solvents will extract CBD, terpenes, and other compounds from the flowers, and occasional mixing will speed up the extraction process.

4. DIY Edibles

The process described above is necessary before you mix CBD flowers into cakes, chocolates, or canna butter. Raw buds are not too tasty or effective since only a slight warm-up awakens cannabidiol and terpenes. Keep that in mind when baking DIY edibles, as CBD doesn't tolerate high heat well.

You can also use ground hemp buds to make tea. This hot beverage has many health benefits. But if you use already decarbed flowers, you must use an infuser and warmish, not hot water. As for raw buds, you can use boiled water, as it will warm up CBD molecules and wake them up in about 20 minutes.

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After using hemp flowers this way, the relaxation won't start shortly. When ingested through the digestive tract, cannabidiol slowly enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain eventually. It will take some time to reach ECS's receptors in the brain and activate the healing effects. But it will last much longer than when you inhale or vape hemp buds.

Studies have shown that CBD ingested this way has a tremendous effect on the human body. It can help with conditions like inflammation, chronic pain, depression, etc. In fact, this substance is increasing the human body's ability to heal itself.


People who want to take a shot at hemp flowers should always look for companies that sell the highest quality products available. They may not necessarily have the lowest prices, but they will most likely produce the highest quality product available. Always purchase the best CBD flower you can afford so that you can enjoy all the perks of this substance.