Top 5 CBD Flower Strains To Buy Online, Legally!

June 19, 2020

CBD flowers are very popular and a favorite of all types of hemp lovers. There are several types of flower strains to choose from, with low-THC to high CBD content. However, only a few are really worth your time. Online sale has made it easy to check for certain strains. The five CBD rich flowers listed below may barely scratch the surface, but they are among the best to get started.

1. Papaya Nights CBD Strain

Papaya Nights is a legal CBD strain and not very expensive. It has an uplifting feel and is very popular among frequent consumers. This potent high-CBD hemp flower will make you fall in love with it from the first hit. You won’t know how, but you will experience the balmy tropics. Puff on this effortless CBD flower strain while you sink your soul into fresh earthy and fruity tones.

Papaya Nights is among the most popular strains because of its high-CBD content. This is because indica is a critical part of the mix. However, the strain is definitely sativa as well, which allows the terpene profile to be absolutely perfect. This is the flower for you when you want to unleash your creative side or get some stuff done around the home. You can buy this strain legally from here.

2. Mr. Rainbow CBD strain

Mr. Rainbow is what you are looking for when you want something with really high-CBD potency. It has 22.3% total cannabinoids, which is definitely high. This non-intoxicating CBD flower is designed to knock your socks clean off. It is the perfect strain to reach for when you want to spend a relaxing weekend undulating.

Mr. Rainbow is what you need when you want potency. These crystal-covered buds are something to die for with their potency and a delicious terpene profile. Here is another legal website to check for this strain.

3. CBG Flower

There is no flower like the CBG flower. It has high concentrations of CBG instead of CBD. Nobody really knew about CBG five years ago. But, this flower is all set to revolutionize the CBD market as the more beneficial Cannabis sativa constituent.

CBG-rich hemp flowers are for you if you like nice fluffy buds that have a great taste and go down easy. There is a mild stimulating effect in these buds with a fantastic earthy taste. Make sure you check for certain strains as needed when you purchase CBG flowers and find a legal place selling this specific strain like this one.

4. Frosted Kush CBD Strain

There is nothing that says hemp like Kush. This is one of the reasons why Frosted Kush is so popular. Kuch genetics are an easy blend with marginally high-CBD traits. The strain has just 0.3% THC while managing to smell and taste like Kush. There are traces of indica strain in this with a yummy terpene profile.

Frosted Kush is a favorite among all types of cannabis users because of its balanced flavor and prestigious genetics. The best part is the low price tag on this CBD flower. You won’t help but giggle when met with the delightful taste of Kush without added THC. Here is where you can buy it legally.

5. Secret OG CBD Strain

Secret OG is the best strain when you want to pass a drug test without relinquishing on a feel-good factor. It has a little over 0.05% THC which is just a fifth of the 0.3% federal limit. In any case, Secret OG contains the least amount of THC among other CBD-rich sativa strains.  You can find this strain selling legally on some online websites such as Secret Nature CBD, Black Owl Hemp Clinic and Scarlet Reserve.

Important note: All products are not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses.  All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC.