CBD and Kids; A Parent Guide

December 06, 2019

The evolving pharmaceutical industry and medical sciences have helped parents have more trust in the medication options that are available for their children today. Watching your kid in agony and discomfort, going through ineffective medications and treatments can be painful and stressful for the parents. Most parents leave no stone unturned in finding the best alternative medicine for their kids to ensure they are not exposing them to any harmful substance.

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With the cannabis-based treatment for various ailments becoming increasingly popular across the world, the day has come for the component to create its magic in treatment for kids too. CBD has highly potent characteristics that help in countering various ailments such as chronic pain, seizures, mental health conditions, without causing any psychoactive or adverse effects. These characteristics enable it to be a powerful way to create safe treatment options for kids. More parents are trying to understand the possibilities of offering such treatment options to their kids.


Considering CBD treatment means getting in-depth knowledge about the substance along with the necessary precautions to take, dosage information, possible side effects to look out for. Knowledge of more such information is required to take the substance that will ensure you administer it safely to your kids. Here is a parent guide for CBD usage for kids that will help you navigate through the treatment option with confidence.

Let us start by knowing more about CBD

CBD is one of the dominant cannabinoids of the cannabis plant that contributes to various health benefits to the users. Hemp is the primary source of the substance as it has a higher concentration of the cannabinoid as opposed to THC. CBD does not cause a psychoactive high, unlike in the case of THC, which makes it an appropriate option for users of various age groups. CBD has potent anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and destressing properties that can lead the way for a healthy and happy lifestyle for its users.

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What about its safety towards kids?

Among the various doubts that arise considering a CBD based treatment option for kids, the first one always is regarding its safety. Cannabis is often viewed as a drug in various parts of the world, even after the revolutionary revelation regarding its medicinal benefits. It makes parents doubt the idea of offering such treatment to their kids, fearing abuse, addiction, or other serious side effects that could cause permanent damage to their kids’ health.

CBD derived from hemp contains less than 0.3 % concentration of THC. It means the products will not cause a high in your kid. When administered in the right quantities, CBD can help cope with various chronic disorders with ease. At a very young age, these cannabinoids can help get to the root of these problems and create a more permanent solution to the conditions, rather than a temporary band-aid to control the situation. Clinical trials are currently happening in various regions across the globe to support the efficiency of CBD based medication and its safety for its users.

How can CBD benefit my kid?

CBD, in its many forms, can help in the treatment of various conditions among children.

  1. Epilepsy: One of the significant turns of events in the world of medical sciences occurred with the launch of an FDA approved cannabidiol drug for the treatment of Epilepsy. The drug aims to control seizures among children suffering from two rare forms of epilepsy- Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. The medication, named Epidiolex, is a derivative of Cannabis Sativa and is a purified oral solution of CBD. The drug was put to study using a placebo-controlled drug trial with 516 patients. The medication showed efficient results by bringing down the frequency and intensity of seizures in the case of patients suffering from these forms of Epilepsy.
  1. Autism: Another popular area for beneficial use of CBD for kids is to treat autism. Several studies are underway that aim to prove the efficiency of the medication. A study involved 188 children aged between 5 and 18 and belonged to the autism spectrum. The subjects consumed a mixture of 30% CBD oil and 1.5 percent THC three times a day in the form of tinctures. Over the six months, they went under observation the results of lower seizure frequency and decreased restlessness and rage attacks became evident by the end of 1 month.
  1. ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Current treatment options for ADHD among children include psychotherapy, behavior therapy, social behavior training, and in some rare cases, medication to stimulate control in the body. The use of CBD oil can be a safe alternative to these medications, as it can help reduce the symptoms of the condition effectively.
  1. Anxiety: Several human and animal trails are under place to observe the effects of CBD oil in treating anxiety disorders. Many preclinical studies support the effectiveness of CBD oil without causing any side effects. A study also indicates that the use of CBD oil helped improve feelings of anxiety and insomnia in 10-year-old suffering from PTSD.

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The various forms of consumption

The various methods of consumption of CBD are one of the primary reasons why the compound is the best way to deliver the benefits of cannabis to our kids. There are a bunch of CBD edible ranges from gummies to pastries, energy drinks, toffees, candies, and more exciting options available that make it a discreet way to give your kids CBD. There are also CBD tinctures and CBD oil for kids suffering from chronic conditions, as they contain a higher concentration of the Cannabidiol. You can mix these products in their food and make it easy for your kids to consume. Nowadays, people are referring to online retailers offering detailed information about CBD products. Sites like ganjaexpress.ca is a trusted source for reviewing and comparing various CBD products on the level of usage.potency etc.

Is CBD legal?

The laws surrounding CBD and its products are slightly more ambiguous as compared to marijuana. The legalization of Medical Marijuana and CBD are different. The laws of either of these substances do not implicate the legal status of the other. Only a few states, even among the ones which legalized medical marijuana has come to accept CBD oils. Hence it is advisable to go through the laws that embody your state, particularly concerning CBD oil before offering to your kids.

Where to buy?

CBD products are catching up as the latest trend in the health and wellness industry. The trend has encouraged tons of online platforms to dictate the market with innovative CBD products. But as a responsible parent, it is always beneficial to stick to dispensaries that promise good quality products that are legal.

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Our recommended online sources to get the best CBD from:

  1. GoodyCBD
  2. Get Kush
  3. Weed Smart
  4. Shea Brand

To get your hands on the top 10 CBD oils, you can checkout these sites and stores around you.

It is quite charming to see how you can easily buy a bottle of CBD oil online and mix it with your kid`s food. But if you are looking to expose your kid to a regular CBD diet, then the best option is to stay away from unknown platforms. Look for reliable brands and companies in your area. You can find reputable sellers in places like Canyon Meadows and many others.

Make sure you consult a marijuana doctor before you begin medicating your kids with CBD. It ensures that you stay well within the recommended dosage limits, which makes it safe and efficient.