Does CBD Oil Help with Menstrual Pain

Does CBD Oil Help with Menstrual Pain?

February 01, 2021

The menstrual cycle is a physiological phenomenon that occurs among females. It involves the breakdown of the endometrial lining present in the uterus for 2 to 5 days. The also emerges with other symptoms like bloating, frequent cramps, and regular shifts in mood. In case you’re someone who experiences severe menstrual cramps, you must look out for a reliable cure. While prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can be quite addictive, you might take refuge in natural remedies for long-term relief. CBD supplements can be the ideal choice for relieving pains associated with menstruation and inflammation.

Here is how CBD can ensure a smooth menstrual cycle and alleviate the symptoms associated with it.

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First: it may Alleviate Muscle Soreness & Cramps 

Are you tired of the disturbing menstrual cramps that hinder your daily life activities? If yes, then you must research the natural aids to alleviate cramps. Muscle cramping and soreness results due to modifications in the uterine musculature under the influence of hormones. Also, it can lead to painful contractions right before the onset of the menstrual cycle. Some females might experience muscle cramps after the onset of the cycle, i.e., spasmodic dysmenorrhoea. All these symptoms are likely to hinder your personal and professional life. However, you can alleviate the muscle cramps using natural remedies like CBD Oil from Sunday Scaries.

It acts on your brain’s receptors and slows down the uterine contractility. Also, the chemical stimulates various receptors like CB1 & CB2, thereby relieving the inflammatory changes. You can assist the CBD supplementation along with other reliable remedies.

Second: Might Reduce Inflammation

Another reason behind severe muscle cramps and lower abdomen pain during the menstrual cycle resides in the inflammatory responses. Before beginning your menstrual cycle, your body undergoes a surge in inflammatory cytokines and C-reactive protein levels. All these chemicals lead to severe inflammation and make way for long-term painful sensations.

With the CBD supplements by your side, you can curb the frequent inflammatory changes without any hassles. The endocannabinoids stimulate the vanilloid and CB1 receptors that control the release of inflammatory cytokines. Along with this, it can prevent the uterine contractions that occur in a rhythmic pattern.

On top of this, cannabidiol induces antioxidant action and controls free radicals’ accumulation in your body. That way, CBD supplements may protect you from the uncontrollable and unflinching menstrual pains.

Third: Can Reduce Stress 

Menstrual symptoms accompany the other psychological issues that affect your mood and incorporate stressful reactions. You are quite prone to stress as well as anxious thoughts during the menstrual phase. It leads to frequent mood swings, agitation, loss of interest in daily life, and fearful thoughts. Along with this, it predisposes you to irritability and restlessness due to the cramps and bloating. You can control the stressful reactions using CBD supplements and tinctures. It acts on your endocannabinoid system and reduces the release of stress hormones, i.e., cortisol. Also, the chemicals inhibit the breakdown of anandamide that incorporates a feeling of comfort and happiness.

With the CBD tinctures, you can control the psychological symptoms associated with the menses. It can accelerate the neurological functions and strengthen the neuroendocrine responses arising right from the hypothalamus.

Fourth: May Restore Sleep Quality

Most women complain of experiencing insomnia and difficulty maintaining a sound sleep during the menstrual cycle. Also, the painful sensations and cramps amplify sleeplessness and lead to other psychiatric manifestations like depression. You experience symptoms like irritability, aggression, mood swings, and headache with the lack of sleep. In case the sleep-related issues turn severe, you might need to take refuge in natural sleeping aids. That's when the cannabidiol supplements prove to be useful. It stimulates your endocannabinoid system and accelerates the functions of the pineal gland. Also, the chemicals increase the production of melatonin hormones that regulates your sleep cycle. As the levels of melatonin increase. Your sleep cycle gets back to normal.

After a sound and refreshing sleep, you are less likely to experience cramps and other issues due to proper recovery and regeneration. Don’t forget to include the CBD tinctures in your daily life for maximum results.

Fifth: Can Uplift The Mood

Do you experience frequent shifts in the mood due to menstrual cramps or other associated aspects? The menstrual cycle might lead to severe premenstrual symptoms that involve the psychological sphere. It leads to frequent changes in the mood coupled up with constant sorrow and anxiety. With the onset of the luteal phase of your cycle, the serotonin levels reduce up to a great extent. Along with this, it leads to mood impairments and lowers down your self-esteem. You can use CBD supplements to uplift your mood and achieve stable mental health. Cannabidiol can act on your brain’s receptors and increase the production of certain neurotransmitters.

It may stimulate receptors like 5-HT and accelerate the release of serotonin. As the levels of serotonin increase, so does the mood stability and cognitive functions. Make sure to consume the CBD supplements in your daily life to maintain a sense of well-being throughout the cycle.

Bottom Line

Menstrual troubles can be quite daunting and lead to severe physical and mental issues. You might go through long-term muscle soreness coupled up with frequent changes in the mood. Also, it may lead to mental instability and lower down your pain tolerance levels. You might consider natural aids like CBD to curb the stress and related menstrual pains in such cases.

With the cannabidiol supplements, you can get rid of severe cramps and inflammatory responses. It can ensure a stable neuromuscular function and accelerate the balance between hormonal and neural signals. Don’t forget to incorporate the CBD supplements in your daily life for faster results.