Renewing Your Florida Medical Card Online

June 29, 2021

Being lazy about the renewal of the Florida Medical card can be very risky at times. Remember that the Florida medical card is valid for one year after its issuance date. You can find the expiry date of the card written on it. It's not a brilliant idea to delay the renewal process until the expiry date because the renewal process itself might take a few weeks. With the delay in the renewal, you might be deprived of medical marijuana till you get the renewed card, and your disorders might aggravate.

Luckily, you can precede the renewal process online, and that's what we are going to discuss in this article.

Some tips to get started with the renewal:

  • The department notifies you about the expiry of your medical card about 90 days before the expiry. It is better to apply for renewal right at that moment because the online application has made this process very convenient.
  • Apply about 45 days before the date of expiry. If you fail to file a renewal application till the expiry date, your card will fall in the category of delinquent cards. And if the cardholder doesn't get it renewed before the current licensure cycle expiration, the board will declare the license null and void.
  • It is recommended to go through the renewal instructions on various websites before getting started. If you have confusion that's not answered anywhere, you have an option to consult some renewal specialist.

Online Renewal of the Card

Internet and digitalization of the world have made tasks very simple, time-saving easy. The same is the case with the renewal of the card. The process of renewing a Florida medical card online is pretty simpler. However, there are specific requirements if you are trying to renew it online, and these requirements are as follows:

  • You need to have a credit/ debit card to complete the online transaction.
  • You can’t get it renewed online if your license status is “Military, active.”
  • The status of the license will stay the same.
  • You'll have to pay the delinquency fee along with the renewal fee if you are filing an application for renewal after the expiration of the card when the status is still "Clear/Active" or "Clear/Inactive."
  • License with “Delinquent, Active” or "Delinquent, Inactive" status will be declared null and void. In such a case, you will have to contact your Board office for further instructions.

Steps of Online Renewal

Here's a simple guide to the online renewal of the card that you can follow step by step to get the procedure done.

  • Visit an authentic website that deals with the issuance and renewal of the cards. It’s better to go for a reliable website with medical experts.
  • Log into your account. It’ll show the current status of your card and the other details.
  • Enter the required details, if any.
  • Find out the “Renew my card/license” option and click it to proceed.
  • Make sure that your entered details are correct. Once done clicking the “renew my license” option, you are all set to go.


Online platforms for renewal have made it easy to avoid the hustle of visiting places to get the task done. Isn’t it a good idea to renew it as soon as you get the notification to save a lot of time and money?