6 Health Benefits of CBD for Teenagers

6 Health Benefits of CBD for Teenagers

December 20, 2019

Teenagers gain a lot of exposure to various things at this stage in their lives. The teenage stage comes with many things, including many hormonal changes. Some teenagers might also suffer from health conditions.

Sometimes, conventional treatments might fail to provide teenagers with needed relief. Thus, parents or guardians often look for other medications like CBD for the growing kids to fight their conditions.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis cannabinoid that may provide several health benefits. A study shows that people use CBD to reduce symptoms of various conditions like bipolar disorder, insomnia, chronic pain, seizures, and anxiety, among others.

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CBD is not psychoactive compound and will not make you feel high. Using CBD moderately may provide its health benefits and might prevent possible unpleasant effects. Convincing some guardians or parents that CBD might be beneficial for their teenagers may take some time.

However, with the following health benefits that CBD can offer to their teenagers, they may consider giving CBD to their youngsters:

1. CBD deals with sleep deficiency and other sleep-related disorders

Sleep deficiency is a common issue, mainly among adolescents. They might lack some due to stress in school, or peer pressure or may be due to overuse of electronic devices. Thus, sleep deprivation may make teenagers irritable and might change their behaviors. As well, they might be anxious and depressed in distinct circumstances.

Such issues call for a solution, and CBD can help. CBD might help teenagers relax, alleviate their stress, and lower the levels of blood pressure. Research on anxiety amongst young kids reveals that CBD helps in inducing sleep, fights stress, and reduce anxiety.  All these allow a teenager to have a deep sleep.

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CBD from reputed retailers can also reduce pain and offer relief from inflammation to help the user fall asleep. Luckily, you can add CBD oil in your teenager’s food or shakes to achieve the health benefits.

2. CBD cubs chronic pain, inflammation, and soreness

Teenagers can get sores, inflammation, or pain for different reasons, such as medical issues and injuries or other strenuous physical activities. Medical problems like cancer and multiple sclerosis have overwhelming pain, especially for kids and teenagers.

CBD may curb cancer or multiple sclerosis induced pain and offer relief to teenagers with such kinds of health conditions. Also, it may provide its anti-inflammatory effects to fight inflammation. A study shows that CBD can help with inflammatory pain and chronic pain. Thus, by helping with pain, soreness, and inflammation, CBD may induce sleep.

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3. CBD helps with an autism spectrum disorder

Autism is a medical issue that often leads to restlessness in kids and teenagers. Autism may impair a teenager’s social functionalities. Also, this neural disease can impact on proper communication, and this problem may lead to loneliness and, at times, cause anxiety.

Repeating an activity for an extended period or being unresponsive is amongst the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. At times, teenagers can adopt self-destructive actions or behaviors when in such a situation. The severity of autism may make some teenagers bang their heads or hands on a wall or cause physical harm to themselves.

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CBD comes in handy in such a situation since it may lessen some of the symptoms. It helps by decreasing seizure frequency in teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder. CBD can also fight anxiety to allow your teenager to mingle and interact with his friends.

Research reveals that CBD can decrease problem behaviors in kids with autism. The study findings show substantial improvement in the children's behavioral outbreaks, communication issues, stress levels, and anxiety

CBD might also fight insomnia as a result of autism to help teenagers have better sleep throughout the night. Various high CBD strains are available and may help with insomnia issues and other health problems. It is possible to purchase these CBD strains online for your teenager.

4. CBD helps with the fear of the future, isolation issues, and apprehensiveness

Adolescents may sometimes be mischievous, and this may lead to continuous apprehensiveness. Also, they fear to face the consequences of their actions and anything that is about to occur next. All these may cause anxiety in teenagers, mainly after traumatic events.

The issues disturbing teens may lead to nightmares. They revert in their normal social lives and may isolate themselves from friends or family. CBD may be useful in relieving anxiety and prevent apprehensive behavior and help restore the social capabilities of your teenager. A study shows that CBD is a potential treatment for anxiety disorders. 

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5. CBD can help with impulsiveness and hyperactivity

Adolescents can sometimes be restless and highly impulsive. So, it may be challenging to make them settle in one activity because of continuous inattention. The hyperactive symptoms may lead to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

It is a medical condition where the teenager might experience stressful situations, suffer from anxiety and depression, and lead to unstable moods. All these may affect their lives because of mental disruptions.

The use of CBD may help relieve ADHD symptoms by interacting with the hippocampus. Research shows that CBD may reduce the levels of hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

CBD works by enhancing dopamine levels in the teenager’s brain, boost mood, and help retain memory abilities. Also, CBD can reduce stress to provide relief from anxiety and depression.

6. CBD can help reduce and manage seizure

CBD use may help reduce seizures in kids and teens. It may be possible for the adolescent to go for about a month without suffering from seizures. Therefore, CBD may allow teens suffering from epilepsy to experience a normal life.

CBD can help with seizures by interacting with the adolescent’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates brain signals to prevent an epileptic seizure. It can help reduce seizure attacks if they become resistant to other medications. A study shows that CBD is an effective treatment in reducing the frequency of seizures. Also, the study reveals that CBD provides anticonvulsant effects to help with seizures.

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While many adults use CBD, it may be possible for kids to use CBD. Parents and guardians can safely give CBD to their children to fight several health conditions.

Because many states are legalizing the use of cannabis, you can find CBD products in retail stores and online dispensaries. However, make sure you buy a quality CBD product by checking third-party certification. Such certifications show the CBD content and the origin of the product, and this helps you give the right dosage to your child.

Also, consult with a doctor to help guide through the use of CBD for your teenager. Like you always do with other medications, make sure you store the CBD products in a place, away from kids, mainly if they are CBD gummies since they can mistake them for candy.