From Gut Health To Hemp: These 7 Diet Patterns Will Help This Quarantine

July 02, 2020

As the COVID 19 pandemic spreads across the globe, there is panic and chaos about the risk of the virus spreading or infecting us. Most countries have established quarantine or lockdown to minimize socializing that could increase the chances of infection.  

Although various companies and research facilities are pouring in their best efforts to create a vaccine to curb the infection, so far, prevention with enhanced hygiene and elevated immune system health is recommended as the best way to fight the virus.

But staying in the best health has also become quite challenging with decreased physical activity, stress from work from home schedules, and financial constraints. Additionally, the unplanned trips to the refrigerator are causing you to go out of shape. And that is when you can turn to diet patterns.

Certain diet patterns help to deliver the right nutrition from your plate to your guts to maintain good health. Here are seven effective diet patterns you can follow during the quarantine to get through these tough times looking and feeling great.

1. Plant-based Dairy

Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular during this quarantine. The choices for plant-based ingredients as alternatives to dairy products such as milk and yogurt are on the rise.

Several options include nuts such as almond, walnut, pistachio, and other alternatives such as banana, soy, hemp, flaxseeds. We truly believe that hemp futures are a commodity that are to grow in popularity. These products are useful for individuals with lactose intolerance or allergy to dairy products or others who prefer plant-based foods.

These plant dairy products provide a spectrum of nutrients such as potassium in the case of banana milk and also offer a good portion of healthy proteins such as in the case of hemp milk.

2. Cannabis and Hemp Diet

The cannabis industry is booming, and the demand for personalized cannabis and infused products such as CBD edibles and CBD tincture oil are rising during this quarantine period.

The potent relaxing and calming benefits of the cannabinoids combined with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties have made this the go-to diet trend today.

Consumers share success stories of taking up hemp-based diets such as consuming hemp seeds, and hemp milk that improved their heart health, skin health, and digestive health.

Unlike marijuana, which has a psychoactive effect, the hemp plant is a rich source of protein, cannabinoids, omega fatty acids, and several vitamins that make it a great ingredient to include in your food. You can add hemp seeds to salads, CBD oil to your juices, shakes, baked goods, and other edibles to follow this diet pattern.

3. Keto Diet

Popularized in the past years by many celebrities and fitness enthusiasts, the keto diet could be a powerful trend to improve your immunity and keep you in shape during the quarantine.

The focus of this diet is to follow a low-carb and high-fat eating pattern that transforms your body into a state of ketosis to promote fat burn over carbohydrates to provide energy.

It is quite a restrictive diet style where the individuals can consume fat-rich foods such as avocado, nuts, seafood, and oils that provide healthy fats. These are also nutrient-rich foods that offer a spectrum of vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy diet pattern to follow.

The diet has proven effective to curb several ailments, such as diabetes, certain forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s according to studies, and can also aid in weight loss. Eliminating starch and gluten helps you stay fit and enhances digestive health.

4. Probiotics

Keeping the gut clean is an essential step to good health. A clean gut ensures that your body goes through proper detox and supports proper nutrition absorption.

A profile of microorganisms in the gut is responsible for the digestion and waste removal that support the body’s longevity. These microorganisms, known as probiotics, play a crucial role in this diet that encourages them to improve immunity and elevate metabolism.

Probiotic drinks are fermented beverages that house a colony of good bacteria that activates the digestive system and processes it for nutrition. The base liquid of a probiotic drink could be coconut water, yogurt, beet juice. 

These drinks encourage the growth of bacterial colonies that can support a healthy digestive tract and proper bowel movement.

5. Paleo Diet 

While the diet seems quite similar to keto, the paleo diet aims to eliminate the causes of inflammation in the body, which is the root of several ailments, including diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and cancer.

The diet eliminates food items that encourage an inflammatory response in the body, such as processed and canned foods with additives and preservatives, refined carbohydrates, sugar-filled sodas, salt, legumes, grains, and dairy.

Stress from the lockdown can also enhance inflammatory response in the body and elevate existing health conditions. The diet has shown powerful results to improve conditions such as weight gain, blood pressure, blood sugar, and loss of appetite.

Individuals can consume fresh fruits, vegetables, unprocessed oils, omega-rich food groups, seeds, nuts, and lean meat during this diet pattern.

6. Whole Body Detox Diet

Quarantine time could be the best time to eliminate the toxin build-up in the body to feel fresh and rejuvenated.  Some bitter foods, such as cucumber, asparagus, and bitter gourd, have powerful detoxing capabilities and can remove the liver build-ups caused by processed foods and unhealthy fats.

The detox diets focus on going through a cleanse once every few days instead of relying on impossible food restrictions to improve overall wellness. The process is relatively easy to follow and shows great results.

All that is required is to soak bitter vegetables or fruits in a jar filled with water overnight to let the extracts infuse. Consuming this water through the day helps to neutralize the toxins for a healthy body and skin.

7. Vegan Diet

Veganism has managed to capture the interest of several users across the world. The cruelty-free diet focuses on enhancing plant-based foods in the diet to eliminate conventional meat-based eating trends.

The phenomenon has gone global in the last few years and has also attracted shops, restaurants, and cafes to support the lifestyle.

There are potent vegan alternatives to everyday food items that can be a fun and healthy experiment for this quarantine. Vegan recipes and cookbooks help to embrace the many flavors of the plant-based diet to improve health and reduce environmental damage.   

Maintaining proper health through the right choice of nutrients in your food and scheduled exercise reduces the chance of infection and keeps you in the best health through the quarantine.

For decades, nutritionists suggest that certain types of foods have a better impact on improving overall health. Following these diet trends that include these foods will help you stay in shape and the right health during this period.