5 quality parameters to consider before buying your CBD product

December 04, 2019

When a product becomes popular for its beneficial properties, all kinds of manufacturers want to get in the act to have a pie of the booming demand. CBD is one such wonder element whose growth as a lifestyle substance has led to the flooding of CBD products on the market, both online and offline. The increase in the choices for the customers is not necessarily a welcoming development since all the CBD products are made differently, with varying ingredient levels and quality checks, making it confusing for the layperson to choose a proper product. To solve this issue, we are going to look at five quality parameters that you should consider before purchasing your favorite CBD product.

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First, Check The ingredients

A look at the labels on the packaging reveals all the ingredients used for that particular CBD product. One thing you should ensure is that your CBD product has only the necessary ingredients and not the extra, flavoring ones. Artificial ingredients like fillers, flavorings, and chemicals do not add much value to the product and might be harmful to your health.

Another thing to look out for is the use of ‘superfoods’ in your CBD product. Some manufacturers add these to increase the goodness of the product. However, there are no studies on the health benefits of these superfoods, and you should avoid them. 

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Second, Certifications from independent labs

When purchasing a CBD product, you should check whether the product was examined in a third-party, accredited laboratory (and not in the company’s lab). An independent lab will always ensure accurate reports for the sake of their reputation. You can access this lab report on the manufacturing company’s website. The lab report will confirm if the company’s claim of the ingredients used, and the measures taken to ensure quality, are valid. In case you do not find the report, there might be something fishy in the results for which it is unavailable.

There are a few other things you should check. See when the lab reports came out. If it was done a couple of years ago, then the findings do not stand correct at present. Also, check if the report assures that the product is free of adulterants.

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Third: Information on the measure of cannabinoids used

While CBD itself is entirely legal and safe to use, another cannabinoid, THC, has a permissibility limit of 0.3%. Ensure that your product has less than 0.3% of THC to avoid legal complications. Most of the CBD products come from Hemp, which has, in any case, almost non-existent levels of THC.

Another thing that you need to confirm is whether the product analysis report has the cannabinoid profile and the level of concentration. This will let you know about the cannabinoids present in the product, and their ratio vis-a-vis other ingredients. From this list, you can also have an idea of the dosage suitable for you.

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Fourth: The kind of CBD used

Most of the consumers may not be aware of this, but there are three types of CBD: CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Full Spectrum CBD. Knowing these three varieties is crucial for any CBD enthusiast.

CBD Isolate is the Hemp-extracted, pure form of CBD. This variety of CBD gets separated from other cannabinoids after extraction, and this leads to a very high level of purity of the CBD extract.

Full Spectrum CBD comes from the Hemp plant, mixed with other cannabinoids, including THC. So, CBD products made from Full Spectrum CBD will have some amount of THC.

Broad Spectrum CBD stands in the middle of the earlier two. It is primarily Full Spectrum CBD sans the THC content.

When you understand the difference between the three, you’ll realize which one will be appropriate for your needs.

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Fifth: Reputation and cost-effectiveness of the seller

When it comes to purchasing a thing that directly affects your physical condition, you’ll want to buy it from a trusted place. No matter if you are going for an old brand online or a local shop, try to know the experience of other buyers. Although you’ll always get reviews on the internet, if you get the information from a friend who has recently bought the product, you can know crucial details that will help you to select or reject it. 

Pricing of the product is another crucial consideration. If the product you have finally selected seems costlier than the average ones, you should ask yourself the following questions-

Firstly, if the product has some unique ingredients to increase its effectiveness?

Secondly, if it has gone through some extra tests and quality checks that have pushed its price?

Thirdly, whether the product comes from a brand that has an excellent reputation, and is worth the hike? You can have a look at CBD oil Canada for an extraordinary array of popular CBD products. 


CBD comes as a blissful replacement of traditional medications for issues like inflammation, anxiety, and stress. A substance that will heal your body and mind also requires you to be prudent while choosing the product. Besides the aspects mentioned above, you need to be informed about the process of Hemp cultivation, the place of farming, the process of CBD extraction, etc. Head over to marijuana Canada for a complete collection of CBD profiles delivered by tried and tested sources. You should never compromise on quality when it comes to healthcare products.