How to Get the Right Dosage for Vaping CBD

How to Get the Right Dosage for Vaping CBD?

September 05, 2019

With the rising popularity of CBD, researchers are striving hard over the past few years to understand the rudiments of CBD. From learning its effects on the body to comprehending the best CBD consumption method. Every aspect is under invigilation only to empower the customers to reap the best out of it. While the component is reigning the health and wellness market through its versatility, it demands a certain set of instructions, which include the appropriate method of its consumption.

A complex ingredient, as such, requires careful handling, which is when the role of the suitable dosage comes into the picture. The precise amount of an ingredient plays a significant role in its benefit on the consumer. Similarly, the right dosage of CBD, too, defines how well it interacts with the anatomy of its user. There are plenty of methods for CBD consumption, which include CBD oil, tincture, lotions, salves, and edibles.

Though, each of them requires its consumers to use an adequate dose of it. It can be a tricky job to gauge your personal dosage while the failure of it can lead your product not to perform its function. So, understanding the right dosage for CBD is an essential aspect that every user must follow before its usage.  

CBD vaping

Leaving behind the traditional method of smoking cannabis, the industry has introduced a new technique that is gradually reaching cannabis users. This method is called vaping. Vaping is relatively considered to be a better method than smoking. While its convenience and ease are allowing users to enjoy the benefits of CBD, the need to opt for the correct dosage is complicating it a little bit.

Factors in determining the right dosage

Choosing the correct amount of CBD dosage can be a tricky task, though there are several factors that help in doing so:

  • Metabolism/Physiology
  • CBD Concentration in the Product
  • Bodyweight
  • Bioavailability

These factors effectively help in selecting the best method for your personal dosage. As much as you take precautions before trying out a medicine, CBD needs the same requirements. Treat it as a prescription medicine and consult your physician. A professional may help you to determine the dosage and its potency. 

Firstly, your choice is sure to deliver a quick absorption rate and more bioavailability. In that way, you can easily achieve benefits within a few minutes. Also, vaping is a "safer" approach of inhaling, unfortunately, the science is still not clear if it causes any harm to your lungs.

Coming to the question, in general, there is no particular dosage. Several factors contribute to identifying what would suit the best for every user. The article will elaborate on these aspects to help you figure out the right dosage for vaping CBD.

1. Metabolism/Physiology

Vaping CBD will give you effects within 15 to 30 minutes and also dissolves easily due to higher bioavailability. But two people experiencing similar issues will need separate CBD vape oil dose. The individual metabolism or your physiology will decide how much more or less will work for you. For some, an amount of 3 mg a day is sufficient to put off a migraine or a headache. Others might need a range of 10-100 mg of vape oil to obtain benefits. It also depends on how long you have been vaping CBD. Consumers develop tolerance over a while. 

The ideal dose for beginners should be 10 mg – 20 mg a day. You can increase the level by 5 mg after an interval, which can go on until you find the dose that works. There is no such thing as overdosing for vaping CBD. Since it’s non-psychoactive, even if you consume more, it might only make you feel fatigued and sleepy. See more information related to seeds, cannabis etc at high supplies.

2. CBD Concentration in the Product

CBD vape pen, either disposable or refillable, comes with cartridges that indicate the amount of CBD concentrates. The vaporizers come in several shapes and sizes, and each holds a different capacity of vape oil. If a 1 ml cartridge containing 200mg CBD can give you 200 puffs, it means you receive 1-2 mg of CBD dose per puff.

Also, the strength of CBD potency in the products will differ. Suppose CBD oil come in 15-30 ml bottles that contain a concentration of 100-1500mg. In this case, if 30 ml of CBD oil has a concentration of 1500 mg, taking the standard dose as 1 ml, you will get 50 mg dose per serving.

The easiest way is to keep track of tank refilling frequency. If a vape tank holding 50 mg of CBD finishes half in a day, your dosage would be 25 mg per day.    

The best CBD products to buy online or at any local store will provide you with lab reports of cannabinoids potency. Make sure you get a certificate of analysis of your CBD product to guarantee safe consumption. Not to forget, the quality of vaporizers also can make a difference in your experience.

3. Body Weight

The bodyweight of the consumer is the primary basis for CBD vape dosage calculations. The assumption goes like people with heavier weight will need a high dose as their body mass will require more matter to feel the effects. The level decreases as the bodyweight decrease.

The body weight, along with the severity level of your condition (mild, medium, or severe) will help determine the correct dosage. Here’s a chart to help you to figure out.


Find a CBD dose calculator to identify it more accurately. Many users consider increasing the dose gives them the right effects of the compound. Even though you attain high tolerance, it is always recommended to increase in fewer amounts and find the effective dose to continue.

4. Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a term refers to the ability of the CBD to get absorbed into your bloodstream. Every other delivery method offers varying bioavailability. CBD vaping oil contains the highest amount of bioavailability, which allows around 40 to 50% of CBD to get infused in the bloodstream. This range changes from the change in the method of delivery. So, the next time you try to figure out an adequate dosage of CBD vape juices, make sure to keep this ratio in mind and measure according to it.

Know Your Purpose

CBD can come from either industrial hemp or cannabis Sativa/Indica plants. The hemp CBD extracts have relatively less THC or tetrahydrocannabinol potency (>0.3%), which is responsible for mind-altering effects. That makes hemp CBD preferable to use for medicinal benefits.

CBD can assist the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in maintaining stability in the body and mind.  The amalgamation of the two can keep the homeostasis in balance and regulate mood, sleep, digestion, pain, fertility, reproduction, etc. So, the compound can treat several health conditions or ease the symptoms to provide relief. Such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Mood Disorders
  • PMS symptoms
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Epilepsy
  • Eczema

To understand the dosage, know the purpose you are taking it for and the severity of your case. Do not depend entirely on the compound to get relief if you are going through conditions that need other medical interventions. Vaping CBD can assist in alleviating the issue.

For instance, in cases like anxiety, CBD can provide immense help as it immediately gives you relief and helps relax. The requirement for the same will depend on whether it is normal anxiety or extreme. People with a social anxiety disorder (SAD) require anywhere between 40-300 mg.

In the study of CBD on anxiety and sleep, a dosage of 300-600 mg could help stimulate public speaking among subjects. The study suggests that the ideal dose for insomnia is 40-160 mg. 

 How to figure out the right amount of CBD dosage?

The most recommended method is to get a consultation from a professional. Mention all the anatomical factors that can potentially hinder the dosage of CBD so they can pick the perfect measure according to your condition. In case you do not wish to seek a professional, start with trying the lowest dosage of CBD. Use a small amount of CBD Vape Juice if the concentration is strong and gradually increase or decrease it with the effect it furnishes.

Keep the dosage steady when you get the desired effect form your vape. Do not start with heavy dosages as it can lead you to experience various side effects. Starting slow will allow you to grasp the strength and effect of your CBD vaping oil on your anatomy.

Other CBD products such as capsules, gummies, or pills mention the concentration of CBD in its individual portions. Vaping does not offer any such option to identify the concentration of CBD, while one has to comprehend it on its own through the amount of total CBD mentioned in it. It is impossible to comprehend the amount of CBD in a single puff though you can calculate it through the volume of vaping juice your vaping tank can hold. You can also calculate it by dividing the total volume of vaping liquid in the bottle with the mentioned amount of CBD containing.

The method will allow you to get the amount of CBD per 1 ml of the vaping liquid. In case you do not wish to dwell on the technical aspects of it, keep an eye on your vaping habit. It means that you should start keeping a record of the number of times you refill your vaping tank and how much you use it in a single day.

The right dosage of CBD can exceedingly affect the condition you wish to treat. It can improve or leave you with some side effects if not used wisely. So, it is only better to comprehend the right dosage before initiating its usage. Now that you know all about CBD and its dosage, it is time to get your hands on a reliable CBD product.

CBD oil Canada offers high-quality CBD oil that you can reliably use to gain all the hidden benefits of this powerful ingredient. Use it appropriately to experience noticeable benefits, but only after seeking consultation from an expert!

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Whether you pick a full-spectrum or isolate CBD product, knowing the right dose will save you a lot of money. After a week of starting to take CBD vape oil dose, you will understand it much better. Leave the rest to your experience. If in any case, you feel discomfort consult a medical specialist immediately.