5 Things Investors Should Know About CBD Stock Market

5 Things Investors Should Know About CBD Stock Market

June 09, 2021

While there were fears of recession because of the pandemic, the CBD industry saw the highest profit growth. The consumption of medical and recreational products was on the rise and expected to grow, raising the CBD stock market prospects.

Since the Farm Bill’s passing in 2018, there is a surge in CBD products available for purchase in retail. The industry experienced a boom in its sales during the covid-19 pandemic as one of the fastest-growing sectors. This article explains everything you should know about investing in CBD stocks.

1. CBD stock has been on the rise

Despite the widespread fears regarding possible recession in 2020, CBD stock has been rising. The year started with a powerful show after a dip during the first period of the pandemic. This rising stock is attributed to changing attitudes towards CBD use around the world.

CBD has been gaining wider acceptance all over the world. Once considered an illicit substance, CBD products have entered the mainstream with changing attitudes about their use. Today, the industry is expected to grow at a stable rate due to legalization in various markets. The coming years look more hopeful for investors looking into the CBD industry.

Legal cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries, with global sales increasing by 38 percent in 2019. With direct and ancillary companies taking part in this growth, you can be optimistic about the growing increase in stocks.

2. Half of US states have access to medical marijuana

CBD has grown in popularity as a niche within the CBD industry. Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid known for its medical benefits. People are sold on the potential benefits of CBD in pain relief, anxiety, and quality sleep. For example, experimental studies have discussed the role of CBD in treating pain and inflammation in rats, as well as its role in treating anxiety and addiction.

The sale of CBD products has increased because of the legalization of medical marijuana in over 33 states. The farm bill of 2018 has contributed to the rise in sales possible, allowing for the legal production of hemp that is rich in CBD. This legalization has led to rising interest in medical marijuana in the United States and Canada.

The passing of the farm bill removed any legal restriction on producing and selling CBD derived from hemp. Due to the legalization, individuals are likely to notice CBD gummies or oils in inconvenient places such as stores and gas stations. As a result, the growth of medical marijuana is directly linked to CBD stocks.

3. The legality of CBD is tricky

The legality of CBD often remains controversial despite the passing of a farm bill in 2018. You must know where CBD is derived to determine whether it is legal. The farm bill legalized hemp and hemp-derived products since it has low concentrations of THC. However, it doesn’t bear the sale of cannabis-derived products with higher THC concentrations.

While marijuana remains a Schedule I drug, hemp is not counted among the controlled substance act ban list. Hence, legal CBD production is allowed throughout the United States if it means the required THC concentration. Several states are decriminalizing cannabis and expunging pot-related convictions, which is a big prospect for the CBD industry.

4. Total legal CBD sales have increased

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the sale of legal CBD products hit an all-time high in the latter stage of 2020. Since covid was declared a pandemic, there was increased interest in CBD products to provide some remedy. For example, people were using CBD to treat anxiety and isolation caused by the lockdowns.

More states have legalized marijuana for medical use, with 16 US states allowing adults to use the drug for recreational use. This number will continue as more people argue for the legalization of marijuana in the US. As a result, the CBD sale has been on the rise. Global CBD sales are expected to soar into a billion-mark with an annual growth rate of 147 percent.

The state of legal CBD markets has predicted a near quadrupling of licensed store sales worldwide. Apart from the recreational use, medical and adult-use programs will grow into billion sales. Hence, the buzz surrounding CBD will continue to grow.

5. Legal cannabis is a billion-dollar industry

Despite being illegal under federal law as a Schedule I drug, the marijuana industry is estimated as a billion-dollar industry that has created plenty of employment opportunities. The US is the most significant CBD market, with California and Colorado states leading the way. With further legalization expected in other states, it will bolster overall sales within the industry.

The US CBD industry is growing at unprecedented rates supported by the legalization efforts. It has drawn new customers to the market each year to become a multi-billion-dollar industry in crucial states. For example, US CBD sales for baby boomers increased in the last few years, with the consumer group accounting for up to 30 percent of medical marijuana sales.

We expect CBD sales to surpass the $20 billion mark by 2024. The industry is becoming a key revenue generator in states where it is legalized for recreational use. Since CBD from hemp is legal in the United States, businesses can produce and sell the product.


You won't find a faster-growing industry than legal cannabis in the United States. We expect the industry to grow as marijuana becomes more acceptable on a federal level. Increased legalization of CBD products for medical use and their adoption for treating chronic diseases has driven the CBD stock market. Investors are continuing to embrace CBD.