Why Choose Organic CBD oil?

November 01, 2019

CBD oil has become highly popular amongst the masses across the world nowadays. The reason why it became an integral part of the medical world is because of its benefits, which accrue throughout the body. CBD oil took its time to come to the fore, as it is a product of the cannabis Sativa plant. Due to the stigma attached to cannabis, it and its products took time to gather goodwill. However, with the latest research and studies supporting the use of CBD oil to tackle various ailments efficiently, its use is on the surge.

One of the more than 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD, constitutes the cannabis plant in significant amounts. Another compound that the cannabis plant consists of majorly is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is the compound responsible for the psychoactive abilities of cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, does not cause any high to the consumer. It instead imparts various benefits to the body, both physical and mental. To gain even more advantages out of the usage of CBD oil, you should go for the organic product.

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Organic CBD oil might be a little more expensive, but it consists of fewer chemicals and many more nutrients. The stringent organic certification process ensures the purity of hemp that the USDA has laid for the industries. Thorough inspection and compliance of rules while growing organic hemp makes it a reliable product to consume. However, because the tests are so strict and time-consuming, most companies refrain from producing organic CBD.

A lot of CBD products are also not completely organic because the producers find it costly to get this certification. So, not all organic CBD oils are a hundred per-cent organic after-all. That being said, it is not impossible to get top quality organic CBD oil.        

Let us read ahead to find out why we should choose organic CBD oil for future consumption.


FIRST: Organic CBD is the Safest

Growing cannabis in soil that has previously been a place where chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been put into use compromises the quality of the subsequent production of the CBD oil. Hence, it is essential to make sure the CBD oil you grow is pure and free from chemicals. Even in the cases where the cannabis growers use chemicals to aid the growth, it causes the product to be high in heavy metals and pesticides. These can be harmful for human consumption. It calls for us to make sure we find a way to grow cannabis without taking the aid of unnecessary chemicals.

SECOND: High CBD content


According to an article, organic CBD oil contains much more levels of high-quality CBD than the inorganic CBD oils. Moreover, inorganic CBD oils are grown in such a way that their exposure to contamination is high. They also possess the tendency to contract toxins from the soil. Thus, CBD oil is much healthier as compared to the inorganic CBD oil. Organic produce is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). Due to its high CBD content, natural cannabis produces a high quantity of CBD oil, the amount of which is way more than that of inorganic produce at the same volume.

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According to a study, marijuana seeds provide a wide range of health benefits to the body. Visit high-supplies.com to order a variety of seeds, ranging from auto-flowering seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, indoor marijuana seeds, and outdoor marijuana seeds.

THIRD: It is Certified

As per an article, organic CBD oil goes through a Certification process by the concerned authorities of the countries. If you are looking to buy CBD capsules Canada, here is a trusted seller. It makes it undergo checks and procedures, which further ensures the quality of the product. Popular to contrary belief, it is not easy to attain the certification. The inspection takes place regularly, and the producers have to prove that they meet the appropriate standards through various tests.

Inorganic CBD oil does not undergo similar inspection as that of the organic produce. Neither is it necessary for the producers of inorganic CBD oil to abide by the essential guidelines. It makes it susceptible to low quality.

FOURTH: Tackles anxiety and depression


According to a study, CBD oil is highly beneficial in the treatment of anxiety and depression amongst the patients. Organic CBD oil tends to induce a sense of calmness and relaxation. This makes it a viable option for those looking to bring about peace in their lives. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, thereby facilitating in avoiding anxiety-related disorders.

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The ability of the organic CBD oil to ensure relaxation also helps the insomniac patients overcome their sleeping problems. Sleep deprivation can harm mental strength over time. Besides, not taking an appropriate amount of sleep also causes physical problems to the body. A study suggests that the body needs at least 7-8 hours a day of sleep to function optimally. Hence, you can turn to the consumption of organic CBD oil to attain all these benefits.

FIFTH: Improves heart condition

Organic CBD oil is known to contain omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids in the proportion of ratio 3:1. This is the ideal proportion that benefits the human body on consumption. As per an article, the nutrition that it provides supports cardiovascular health and promotes the blood flow of the heart. The fatty acids in the organic CBD oil also improve the biological processes of the body and prevent the onset of various degenerative diseases.

It is common knowledge that smoking is injurious to heart and overall health. To avoid its use, cbd oil canada provides a healthy alternative.

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SIXTH: Betters the health of hair and skin

Since it facilitates in moisturizing the skin, organic CBD oil is fast becoming a popular ingredient in a variety of beauty products. Those suffering from redness on the skin and irritation can take the help of the organic CBD oil, according to an article. Besides, CBD oil is also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties that help in many health conditions like CBD Pills. For Pain are widely used. Moreover, This aids in the process of the treatment of patients suffering from acne and eczema amongst the other skin conditions.

Since CBD oil significantly reduces dryness upon consumption and topical use, it ensures that the scalp of the head remains healthy. This further promotes shiny hair and increases their strength over time.

SEVENTH: Free from mercury

Omega-3 fatty acids are imperative for the development of the brain and the growth of the baby in pregnant women. One of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids is fish. It benefits the body in boosting the immune system, regulation of mood, and promoting eye health. The problem with fish, however, is that some of them contain a high amount of mercury. According to an article, these include mackerel, marlin, ahi tuna, tilefish, and swordfish.  This makes their consumption unsafe for pregnant women and prevents the functioning of the body mechanisms according to the same article. It can also lead to hindrance in the development of the brain of the unborn babies.

Hence, making a switch to organic CBD oil can be helpful here. It helps provide the necessary portion of omega-3 fatty acids to the body without the scare of the body consuming harmful levels of mercury. Thus, it is a considerable alternative to the fish as a source of healthy nutrients.


This article proves to us that consuming organic CBD oil can help us attain useful vitamins, amino acids, and substantial nutrients without the scare of toxins. To order it, you can surf the cbd capsules canada and purchase the oil, along with many other cannabis products.

It is high time we consider using organic products as a substitute for the conventionally-grown crops. Not only are they devoid of harmful chemicals but are also sources of substantial benefits to the body, both physically and mentally.