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September 20, 2017



Hello everybody Lord vaporous back again looking at the focus vabe premium you may have seen my review of the standard Focusvape white this one is in a lovely green color and here we have our glassware next door. A bubbler here, very nice now in one box.

On the previous vaporizer there with two and this one has digital readout so let you be more precise on the temperature. Here we've got our usual holes here for airflow. Battery inside removable so you can have a spare with you always very handy and now our accessories so we have our usual instruction booklet here and two little boxes of accessories what have we got inside let's have a little look. 

Very nicely packaged so we have our usual standard USB charger there and our little damning tool and our cleaning brush what's in this second box here. We have a rubber for the mouthpiece. 

Once we got here we have a spare borosilicate math piece and some of our little causes no then let's have a little look through the instruction booklet I'll take my time you can pause any of these if you want to read more depth it's a very very good manual as usually with these guys they don't mess around. 

General overview and specifications very simple steps on how to load how to select your temperature when you first get the vaporizer you can select whether you want a Celsius or Fahrenheit I've already done that on mine there's all the stuff about our charger tool charging everything really nicely done although warranty information is the back there. 

Now let's open it up. Very nice inside - it has quite a nice aperture on the top of the oven - so nice and easy you just tip your herb inside tap it in turn around and we're ready to go let's pop our little mouthpiece on its three taps to power up and again it's fast uh under 30 seconds would say to hit a good temperature no problem with the heat of time on this at all great build quality we've come to expect from these guys now that someone can go here as usual the taste is very very nice. 

It's a good solid vaporizer this I really like the job they've done with it quite hard to see in the sunlight here the clouds but this can kick out fair cloud I can tell you that very nice now with our water attachment we remove award little borosilicate mouthpiece and then we attach look at the vapor escaping from the air holder marvelous this is such a machine and you can see there no lack of vapor at all and with this lovely bubbler it cools it beautifully it's quite a machine when this is all put together they've done a really nice job with the full kit herewith the glassware and here we go in a slow motion for you not really coming across it - it was a fur plume I can tell you that look at that straight at the camera disappearing in a fog. 

Other version of this had a separate connector to attach it to water pipe now this we use this little rubber sheet and this works just as well attach it to the bubbler like so what I do love about this vaporizer is being in adjust the airflow mid vapor look at this sorry I want a little bit by air so I could expose more holes and at the iron so they've really improved the previous focus of eight by adding the digital function so we can have more temperature control this really is a truly great vaporizer nicely built I strongly recommend it if you'd like to order one of these click the link below and let's chat soon

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