The Focusvape Pro - Test and Review by Wavy Vaporizers

September 20, 2017


Welcome to wavy vaporizers I'm your boy Early.

Today we're going to be doing a review of the focusvape Pro. This is the premium edition - it came with the vaporizer self and it came with a bubbler which is amazing - most vaporizers don't come with bubblers and this one's pretty unique it has light as you can see. The sand timer thing on the top.

You gotta put water in through here – then flip it over, and then pour water in through here and then turn it back over and start inhaling so that way you can keep most of the water because it does drip down but after it stops dripping it doesn't drip anymore.
You know, a lot of vapes that have hydra tubes - which this is how usually you get them - they look like that so it's like it's a very big difference between the one I came to focusvape and then a regular 14mm Hydra tube, water attachment, whatever you want to call. There's a very big difference. I would say this one's easier to fill but I think I like this one better for some reason.  

Anyway it's a pretty big - I don't know if you guys ever heard of the iMac plus but the iMac plus is basically the same exact thing just the on focusvape pro is basically a little bit fatter, maybe just a tad bit longer - but it's a basically the same thing.  

But these have 18650 batteries, high drain, 3200 mAh - I didn't use the first focusvape but I read about it and the original one came with a 2300 mAh battery - this one's 3200 mAh - On the first one it only has six temps, this one goes anywhere from 174 degrees all the way to 464 degrees. It has three air holes so you can make the own pool resistance as, even when it's closed the resistance is still fine, but when you open it you get so much air going in there.

In the back is where you charge it. You can't actually use this while charging. It’s pass-though, glass mouthpiece and ceramic deep chamber. A lot of people were saying they'd like to take out their screen, there's a screen that comes in there, I didn't take it out because I’ve seen the holes are pretty big so what I did was I took the screen out I flipped it over so now it's domed in there instead of flat on it it's dome so there's a little bit of space between the holes and that and our mesh screen. 

Now since I flipped it over it comes with one already in there once you flip it over it's gonna have like a dome shape because it's been in there for so long but let's get this baby started I mean I'm gonna show you guys without water touch and I'm gonna show you guys how this thing works and it tastes good I'm not gonna lie there - for the price, I think this is like $120 for this I'm not too sure, but for the price it is definitely an amazing vape. I mean there are other vapes you could get cheaper - maybe like 80 bucks 90 bucks but I don't think they're fuckin with this. This vape right now is probably going to be the best vape, whether you're a beginner, whether you want another vape, because you got that vast and you just need to spend some money on another vaporizer that does happens a lot of people out there I just want to buy the new shit as always but this vape is definitely worth the money if I hear a lot of things that it's way better than the xMax and the storm I've never tried those but it looks like very exactly the same type of vapes.

I mean like I showed you I showed you the I'm iMac plus and look the same. Except the build is different you know. The pathway is fully isolated from all the electronics you know. I'm iMac you can't change the battery, this one you can. I have like a couple of a couple batteries for my vape dynamics. So I have like basically three batteries now. I will be going on the whole day. I ran burn offs on this at 464 for a whole day straight and I promise you, I promise you, this thing lasted almost three hours of burn off so this thing can last you very long time while your vaping.
So imagine, I know you guys are not going to be vaping at 464 the whole time but it's amazing to know that you can actually vape this at the highest temp for more than two hours that's amazing.

So I got it full, the mouthpiece back on. Three clicks turn it on. It says focusvape which is pretty cool. Every time you turn it on, well every time you take the battery out and then you put it back in it's always gonna ask Fahrenheit or Celsius. So whatever you want you just double tap again and you're good to go. So mine are set at 375 but I'm gonna go all the way I'm go to 400 so I can show you.
Taste is good taste, Taste is very smooth. You'll be surprised at the highest temps that there's not that much heat that goes into your system. I mean a lot of vapes that have those high temps when you hit it at the high time you can feel the heat literally going through your throat and it's like it adds to the weed, it adds to the coughing. But this one actually pretty.

Smell wise, I could definitely smell it cooking right now. Obviously its conduction it's coming through here.

Mmmmm… tasty is fuck.

Hope y'all seen that cloud.

You know the box is pretty big it comes with the typical stuff any other people either home instruction manual you got extra glass mouthpieces all these vaporizers are coming with that tools now even though they don't dab. Just throw a little bit of butter in here and then fucking put some wax in and you're good or if you want you can buy some organic cotton wrap it in between organic cotton ball it up stiff it in here and boom you can concentrate.

So I'm gonna turn it off – to turn it off you hold both buttons focus wait turn it off all right. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna mix up the herbs a little bit. Since it’s been cooking for a few it's already kind of dark.

This is a conduction vape. Some might say oh it's part convection because of the holes. Not really, not really - if you want to say this than fine.

So pull off the mouthpiece in order to put this on slides right on it by the way if you have the original focusvape - if you get this it fits on that one too so let's turn it on let's go. Most vapes don't go past 446 but I'm going to take it higher I'm going to go to the max which is 464 - This vape heats up in like anywhere from twenty to thirty seconds. It's pretty fast vape. I mean sometimes faster you know depending like if you're at 375. I would say like 10 seconds 15 seconds the most as you can see this vapor escaping from the holes at the bottom.

You see these eyes I'm feeling it already whoa.

Damn I don't know if you'd if y'all been fucking with me for longest but this reminds me of when I did the accent of DaVinci I had the water attacks blowing clouds but damn sweating like I don't dab. Damn!

So guys you just finished witnessing the amazing whoo… The amazing focusvape pro if you haven't ordered one I advise you go and check it out. Even if you have top-of-the-line vaporizers if this is where it's definitely buying um there's not a lot of great conduction vaporizers out there on the seventh floor sidekick - I haven't tried it heard very good things about it. But from all the conduction vapes that I've tried this is top notch and most DEFINITELY. 

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