Focusvape - Test and Review by Smartheads TV

September 20, 2017

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Welcome to it's money time Salmon Macaron the episode I'm going to try a vaporizer I've been a while since I did a vaporizer review I got the focusvape from a focus planet it's a new vaporizer comes in this big white box with the green side comes with of course a user manual and this is the vaporizer itself and directly when you open the box it says please unscrew the bottom and remove the battery installation sheet also be sure to fully charge the battery before use all right.

I already charged up the battery so that's nice I'll show you what you need to remove to get it working because there is a little piece of paper in here that makes sure there's no contact between the battery and the vaporizer and that's to protect the battery since it's still new right get it out and it should be ready to go now this is how it looks okay I'm going to show you a close-up of focusvape and I'm going to tell you a little bit more about it.

All right the focusvape like you can see there's a glass mouthpiece and this is also the spot where you open it to fill the chamber so there you go here's the chamber in this way you fill up your herbs and then just screw it back here is the air intake you can customize this by rotating this thing and you can make more air come in or close down so less air gets in really nice to control the flow.

So there's a mechanism here so you can pop that in so it won't break that easily you can just pop it in and clean it very easy I've got six different kind of different kind of heating options you got 160 170 180 190 200 and 220 degrees.

To put it on you press the on button four times very quickly and the battery is in the bottom I'll show you quickly, there you go.

All right let's fire this baby up. All right let's fire up the focusvape. To power it on you press the on button four times so one two three four it will automatically say how full the battery is by blinking one time for low two times for medium three times for full very easy and then you need to pick a temperature there are six different kind of temperatures like I already told you and I'm gonna tell you the Fahrenheit.

For all the USA watchers so Green is 180 Celsius or 356 Fahrenheit white is the 170 degrees or 380 Fahrenheit Sian is 160 degrees or 320 Fahrenheit and 220 Celsius or 428 Fahrenheit purple. 200 Celsius or 392 Fahrenheit blue is. 190 or 374 Fahrenheit and two to put this temperature in you press the vaporizer two times the two times on the unbuttoned so one to see ya so you for your first need to need to activate the mechanism to put in the temperature so you hold it for two seconds and then it will start blinking this means the mechanism is going to start to heat up when it's heating up.

You can change the temperature so it's now on a white and there we go it just gave a vibration that it's ready to vape so that's really fast and it stays solid alright I'm going to press the on button two times there you go as you see that it directly goes to the green one it wasn't the white one before now is on the green one I'm going to press it again two times and it goes to the blue as you can see the heating to another to a higher temperature goes really quickly so it's now on the pink purple thing and I'm going to put it on the red one now there we go it's now on the highest temperature 220 degrees.

But for I start vaping I'm going to put it on let's see 180 I think that's a really nice temperature for vaping no. All right I'm going to fill it up with some herbs and have focusvape does its job…. Mmm…

I have to say that's really small it is really really smooth so 180 degrees and the vaporizer gets a little bit warm but that's not very unpleasant I use to draw holes to let the air get in and I have to say that's quite quite nice for drawn nice paper cloud coming out all right I'm going to put the all the tree holes open for an eye and more easy are easier is your hip.

Hmm very nice taste is quite nice that's also because they separated the mechanism the airflow with the electrical system so you don't get like an electrical computer taste not even when you use it for the first time so that's really nice really nice okay to put it off just like you put it on press the on button four times and it will go off easy as that.

If you want to charge the battery like this you can just get it out on the bottom like this and put it in there you go is use that but if you want to charge it on your computer or your laptop or anything like that you just get this cable it's a micro USB cable and you can insert it here in the back that sounds good all right yeah so yeah so for on-the-go if you only have laptop with you very handy very nice have both both options that's really really good.

And of course all the accessories extra mouthpiece some extra screens adapt tool and a cleaning brush yeah I'm really positive about this one it's really nice and vaporizer it's very nice in hand it's heavy glass mouthpiece temperature you can put in yourself customize it and you can customize the air flow so it's it's a real real nice competitive vaporizer alright hope you liked it if you want to buy one check out the description below of course and thank you for watching see you next time bye bye.

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