Focusvape Pro Test and Review – by Vapesterdam

September 20, 2017

Hello and welcome to our review of the iFocus FocusVape Vaporizer (try and say that 10 times fast). This unit has a pen shape design but it is much larger than a standard pen (more like a novelty oversized pen).

However, it is packed full of useful features that we haven’t seen all in 1 unit before, which is exciting. There’s a large ceramic heating chamber, simple controls, leather grip exterior, and more. Read on to find out how mighty this large pen-style vaporizer is.

iFocus has also released the FocusVape Pro; design and functionality of the Pro is the same but it features an LED display and precise temperature control. So, if you like the sound of the FocusVape but want to spring for some extra functionality, go Pro.

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Hey though this is Mike reporting to you from vape stir dammit today we have a review of the focusvape Pro ifocus the focusvape Pro uses a pen shaped design but it's more like an oversized novelty pen however it has a ton of cool features we're stoked to show you the focus of a pro upgrade uses the same design and functionality as the previous model but also features an LED display as well as precise temperature control this is a pretty well-built device the parts are well put together and it has have to it which definitely makes it feel more high quality it's a strong combination of elements with a big ceramic heating chamber simple controls and a full leather finish the focus of a pro also adds the ability to adjust temperature reflected in the new addition of an LED screen it uses a standard Pyrex glass mouthpiece which is great for vapor quality and also includes a replacement in case you're worried about shattering the one you have. It does take several hours to charge though so keep this in mind when you're getting ready to use it.

Vapor quality from the focus vape pro is decent it only takes around 20 to 30 seconds for the unit to heat up and the ceramic heating chamber makes for nice even heat distribution for the herbs unlike many other vaporizers which require you to sip on the mouthpiece for a decent draw the adjustable airflow can turn the focus of a pro into a sipper or ripper we've referred using the unit with full air flow to get large smooth clouds of vapor every time.

The oversized look of the focusvape Pro may look silly but the overall design is strong the faux leather finish feels nice in your hand and keeps the unit from being uncomfortable to hold the unit did get quite warm around the heating chamber during our longer sessions but you can avoid this by shifting your hands further down the unit while in use discreteness is not the strongest suit of the focus of a pro well it's not big in general it's definitely large for a vape pen and won't really look the same way while on use the size of the focusvape makes it stand out more than the average rated pen and don't even get me started on the implications of the coffee colored model having it pops slightly out of your pocket will just add to the hilarity with just two buttons and few moving parts.

The focusvape Pro is very easy to use the precise temperature control allows customization of sessions to get the style of vaporization that you want the internal memory will also remember your last preset temperature when you resume it after some time the addition of haptic feedback is also welcomed as this lets you know when the unit is ready without looking at the screen which is super helpful for sunny days the focus fade pro may be pen shaped but it's definitely not pen sized it would be nice if the focusvape Pro took some heft off as it still doesn't say concealed in our pocket. 

However to focusvape Pro runs on a removable 18 650 battery giving you both internal and external charging capability this means charging on-the-go is easy plus you can keep extra batteries with you overall I focus is done a solid job with the focusvape Pro as the added features make it a better deal than the original focusvape let's take a look at the pros and cons of the focusvape Pro.

Pros include very easy to use it has a large ceramic heating chamber smooth vaporization and haptic feedback some cons are that it's a very large size for a vape pen it has a long charging time and the unit gets hot it may not be the smallest vape pen around but for vapor and accessibility the focus of a pro keeps things sharp as always thanks for checking out our review of the focus day pro be sure to follow us on Twitter Facebook and advanced your Dan calm until next time stay cloudy you.

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