Vape Pen Mechanics 101

Vape Pen Mechanics 101

April 20, 2017 1 Comment

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

Do you know who invented the first vape pen?  It was actually crafted by a Chinese inventor named Hon Lik. His process used ultrasonic vibration to vape liquid into gas, and that process is patented.  Most vape pens today used for cannabis consumption use a resistive heat element to heat cannabis to the relevant range to convert essential cannabinoids into vapor. The proper temperature range for accomplishing this goal is between 300 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So how do they work anyway?

There are four basic parts to a vape pen (Contacts us here for a discount on a Vape Pen of your choice). The tank, the atomizer, the sensors and software, and the battery.  The tank is the term used to describe a normally refillable section of the pen where the cannabis oil goes. If this part of the vape pen is refillable it is called a tank, but if not re-usable this piece is called the cartridge. The atomizer is the heating element inside the pen that vaporizes small drops of liquid into gas. Normally cannabis oil is combined with propylene glycol to increase the viscosity of the fluid for vaping purposes. Sensors and software are the parts of the pen that allows the pen to operate correctly and to allow all functions of the pen to work in harmony with one another.  One example is when a user inhales, a lot of the pens available on the market automatically turn the atomizer on to allow automatic ‘smart’ vaping. The battery powers the atomizer allowing it to heat up when the user inhales. Vape pens have been around for some time, and allow for a convenient method to consume cannabis.

My Opinion: Vape pens are generally a healthy option in terms of ways to introduce cannabinoids to a person’s body.  One might say wait a minute, you mentioned the article spoke of propylene glycol so the product is not pure.  But, propylene glycol comes in many forms, and is generally safe for humans due to a low toxicity rate.  Still, for a purist, this might be unacceptable.  Vape pens present the market with a way to consume cannabis that is better for the lungs of the user.  I think the sales of these types of products will continue to escalate rapidly over the next several years.

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Terry Davis
Terry Davis

May 01, 2017

I smoke cannabis because I’m an old duffer who suffers from PTSD, a TBI, ruptured disc, and arthritis. I have tried smoking it both ways and like them both. When at home I love smoking herbs out in my garage, but vape when in our house, my truck or while out for a walk. I like good strong pot that doesn’t make me cough.

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