“Shake” as Defined by the Trade

Summary and opinion by John Fouts.

When people think of the word shake, not everyone might have the same mental imagery conjured up from his or her experiences of the past.  Because of this degree of variance, industry trade members were asked how to define shake, and how to know when it is worth buying – or not. 

Most often, shake can be bought at dispensaries for a less expensive price than flowers still attached.  Dispensaries create a lot of the product due to frequent handling of buds by budtenders.  Whether or not shake is right for someone depends on how that person intends to utilize cannabis.  Shake is often a great choice for making edibles, or for rolling joints.  Sometimes, however, quality of the product is sacrificed by using shake because the best part of the buds have been saved for other purposes such as for the budtender to show clients and to sell as full nugs.

Pros of shake include that it is the same type of bud from larger pieces of flower, and that it can be used conveniently and quickly.  As a con, sometimes shake can get dried out quickly, and sometimes the contents of shake are not known (sometimes different strains of shake are mixed together by dispensaries).  So shake has come to have both negative and positive qualities.  Is shake right for you?

My Opinion: Shake can be problematic for people who need to know specifically what kind of strain they are getting.  I think it best for people who need specific types of strains to avoid shake as the article stated, unless the contents of the shake are known to the purchaser with a degree of accuracy. Shake can be used very well in terms of making edible products, and as a means of convenience.  As long as the starting material is of a high quality, and as long as trim is not being substituted for shake, I think shake has its own place in the market to fill a need.

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