Inhaling Correctly for Better Cannabis Consumption

Summary and opinion by Wendy Anderson.

Many out there believe that the larger the inhale, the more THC you’ll be getting, and therefore the more the psychedelic effects. Apparently this is a waste of precious cannabis and there is a better technique. 

So to understand the technique and why it works first it helps to explain some of what is happening when you take that hit. 

You inhale and THC absorption doesn’t start until the smoke has passed the first bronchial split from the trachea and goes into the lungs where it enters the air sacs called alveoli. 

It’s then where the cannabinoids, THC or CBD, are transferred into the bloodstream, pushed through the heart and then to the brain. 

This entire process can take under a minute.

The reason for believing that much is being wasted is because nothing is being absorbed above the first bronchial split, or it is more than the capacity of the lungs. It’s not getting to your body so it’s just getting blown out. Which brings us to a suggested way of inhaling to help keep from wasting that oh so precious flower. 

Slowly draw from the vape, pipe, or joint for two-thirds of the hit and then finish that inhale with fresh air on top. Breathe in deep and then let it out. This is a little different from holding your breath and you aren’t losing as much as usual. 

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September 24, 2016

Thanks for the info

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