Cannabis Effects On Metabolism

Summary and opinion by John Fouts. 

There are many different types of metabolic disorders caused for a variety of reasons.  Researchers are always gaining new insight into the effects of cannabis on the body even with the limited opportunities available for conducting new research.  Studies have shown CBD is an appetite suppressant while THC is an appetite stimulant.

It is interesting in cannabis to consider that these two molecules send conflicting messages to the brain.  On average, marijuana users eat 600 more calories per day than non-marijuana users.  University of Miami found last year that marijuana users were 54% less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome than those who did not use the herb.

Metabolic syndrome is when high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol, and excess body fat around the waist all occur at the same time.  When a person has metabolic syndrome, they are at an increased risk for other health complications such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

Regular users of cannabis may develop a tolerance.  Tolerance for THC may be what helps to keep metabolism in check because a tolerance would indicate a steady level of THC being consumed by the user.

My Opinion: I feel strongly the United States needs to remove cannabis from being scheduled at all. Presently cannabis is listed as schedule 1 meaning it has no medicinal value.  Clearly from the limited research that has been able to be performed, medical benefits do exist., a government website, even mentions that THC has been shown to kill cancerous cells while not harming healthy cells.  If cannabis were to be removed from the schedule system, research could be performed, and an even greater understanding of the medicinal benefits along with any negatives could be more adequately measured.  Reach out to your legislators and tell them it is time to end prohibition in the United States. Metabolic Syndrome only scratches the surface of what cannabis can help prevent. 

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