Whoopi's New Products

Summary and opinion by Daniel Davison.

Whoopi Goldberg over the last week has announced that she is releasing a new brand of cannabis tinctures and ointments that allow ladies to relieve themselves from period pains. Whoopi has teamed up with Maya Elizabeth, an entrepreneur, to create a niche brand. Whoopi said that when the idea was brought up with men in the business; they brushed it off saying that the target market is too small. (Only half of the population). Whoopi has admitted many times on shows such as ‘The View’ that she has used cannabis. She claims to use it medically to relieve headaches caused by Glaucoma. 
I think it is great that there are products like this that are introducing into the cannabis industry.

The stereotype stoner is a man who smokes weed, sits on the couch, and does nothing all day. I love it when successful celebrities, like Whoopi, endorse cannabis for therapeutic reasons because it helps alter peoples stereotypical view on the user.

I believe that women in the cannabis industry will be vital, as more ladies are finding relief from cannabis so products will now need to be targeted towards both genders. One of the great things that Whoopi says about her products is that two of them don’t even get you high! Her balm and her lotion are rubbed onto the skin to suppress any pain. As products like this come onto the market, we can relate cannabis to other natural plants like Lavender and Aloe Vera.

As time progresses, we will find more products like this come to the market and hopefully be able to replace any other, less effective treatments. Cannabis is a natural pain relief you can grow in your own garden, and by monopolising the cannabis industry, like here in the UK, you are making patients pay for a plant they can harmlessly grow themselves. Whenever somebody releases new entrepreneurial artistry, I wish them all the best as I believe everybody coming together will one day make a difference.

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