The Evolution of Weed - Branding a New Design

Summary and opinion by Quinton Waldon.

The fight over the legalization of weed is coming to a near end. It has outlived its bad reputation.  But what use to be seen as a societal taboo, is now being accepted by society. Marijuana is no longer exclusive to the subculture of stoners and rebellious youth. Now it is a product of a lifestyle. It has taken decades just to get the usage of marijuana decriminalized.  It seems that the usage of weed is not too far from being legal nationwide. But how will the expansion of marijuana proceed after it's no longer illegal?

The design of marijuana is mostly about solidarity. The stereotypes surrounding it, plus the environment of illegality draws a negative response towards it. This keeps weed isolated within the subculture that stoners happily claim. But if the design gets embraced in a more  positive light. Than weed might one day get the same diversity of branding and advertising as other lifestyle products such as alcohol and cigarettes.

As weed goes mainstream, the design will evolve with its popularity.  Companies will jump at the chance to be a part of this rising new source of income. They will find unique ways to exploit the product and make different brands. The different branding designs will fit the demand of consumers. Targeting different demographics, to make new users feel more comfortable with the product.

The future of marijuana is looking bright. Surely it won’t belong before it’s legal everywhere in the U.S. Once it’s legal hopefully it will spark the idea of the change and expansion of the brand.

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