April Fools Madness

Summary and opinion by Quinton Waldon.

The other day was April 1st, also known as April fools day (the national day of pranks). It can dangerous day for some companies with internet had blowing up with jokes and hoaxes that they created. Some of the Jokes were fun and had people excited, but there were jokes that could have been potentially bad for business.

The good pranks

The Fury of Mual: ING had released a trailer of a star wars spin-off show about the notorious villain Darth Maul. This trailer has fans of the star wars franchise excited and hoping that the show will launch on netflix on May 4th.

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Watch the Stove: Hamburger helper had dropped a mixtape called Watch the Stove on soundcloud yesterday. It was surprisingly good, most people enjoyed the musical content of the mixtape in light of its humorous purpose. 

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ChocoGo App: Square Enix released a ridesharing app called chocogo. This app is suppose to let you call a chocobo( a fictional  animal from the final fantasy series) to take you places. Fans of the Final Fantasy series knew that the whole idea wasn’t realistic. But they still enjoyed the humor of  it.

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 Pranks gone wrong

Google's Mic Drop Fiasco: Google launched a new feature called mic drop. It added a secondary "Send" button to the web interface, which would exchange a humorous GIF with all of the thread's participants. it also muted the chain so that the user couldn't see any follow-up emails in their inbox. The problem with this is that Many people tried Mic Drop accidentally. In results, some people got fired and many business lost clients. Google quickly removed the feature, but it doesn’t change the damage done to people's lives.

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Yahoo’s Trader Joe’s article: An article on Yahoo!Style claiming that Trader joe was closing all 457 stores. This article was published on March 31st, the day before April fools. Misleading readers because they had no reason to speculate is was a joke.

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April fools day is now behind us. There were lot of memorable jokes that came out this year. Some were good and other were just plain awful. Hopefully companies learned from this experience and prepare for better jokes next year.


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