Cannabis Party!!!

By Daniel Davison.

The great thing about this is that the police were not notified about the party until after it had happened. This means no police were called... meaning the party could not of been causing that much of a distraction.

The Birmingham cannabis club hosted an event at a private members club in Digbeth, For 25 pound a ticket you could go to the event and indulge yourself in the cannabis infused chocolate fountains. There was an array of fruits and sweets to dip in and also a mango flavoured fountain. Cannabis activists traveled from all over the country to attend this event and a staggering 200 people attended!. If cannabis was legalised this is the type of party I would want to attend.

The police are now going to investigate after finding out about the party a few days later.I wonder how much police time was put into this investigation. I would say this was a highly successful event, why then days later even put forward an investigation ? Where are the criminals in this case ?

I do not understand what is so criminal about taking drugs on privet property, a specially cannabis. If an addict gets caught with drugs they go to prison, they lose. If they are addicted to drugs, they lose.

I hope to see more party's popping up all over the country. England has so many cannabis clubs fighting the cause and providing events like this allows cannabis users not to feel ridiculed.

I feel as if I can relate to this. I smoke cannabis myself and no longer enjoy binging on alcohol. When a Saturday night comes along and friends of mine want to go into town alcohol is always involved. I do not enjoy the company of people intoxicated on alcohol, but all of the creative thinking that comes from cannabis I can have the most in depth conversation with great people in a much more relax atmosphere... And not having to pay for it the next day!

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