4 Plant Cannabis Forest

By Daniel Davison.

I've been think about growing some nice vegetables this year. Tomatoes are my favourite and my mouth waters at the thought of them being big juicy and home grown. A man from Yorkshire decided to start growing his own cannabis as he no longer had the finances to buy of the black market. He invested in some hydroponic equipment and started growing 4 plants that just so happened  after they grow they were worth up to £14,000. A mitigating pointed out that he was more successful than he anticipated and he must just have a green thumb. He pleaded guilty to producing a class B drug. The judge gave him a lenient 12 month community order and 120 hours of unpaid work. It was pointed out by the court that he missed going to jail within a "hairs breadth".

I think successful or not 4 plants is 4 plants. You can clearly see that he did not plan to sell the cannabis as I am sure his haul would have been a lot bigger.

This man was jobless, think about the jobs he could have if the cannabis industry was open for business. We have many talented people who know a lot about this healing plant. The court even made a joke and suggested he applied for gardeners question time. How cool would that be?

There will come a day that we are going to need people to grow cannabis for pharmacies and hospitals and the fact we already have people who know how to do it must be a positive thing. Believe me if I could grow my own cannabis I would make it magic.

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