420 Hyde Park. English activist make the country proud.

By Daniel Davison.

An amazing event happens on 420 every year in London every year. Cannabis activists from all over the country come together in Hyde park to spark up in protest of extreme cannabis laws in the U.K. Over a thousand people turned out to the 420 event,some were cannabis consumers some were not. Not every body was there because they want to be able to smoke cannabis recreationally. Many peoples lives are affected by cannabis especially family's who need cannabis to treat I'll ones.

A thousand people to turn up to a protest, why isn't change happening right away ? I have attend this event before in 2014 me and some friends drop 6 hours to London to get high at Hyde park. You arrive at Hyde park welcomed by crowds of police urging you to surrender bins and randomly searching the stereotypical stoner. Once you are in Hyde park you don't have much bother. You are welcomed by groups of people from all over the country joining together to demonstrate reform for cannabis laws.

I hope to see more events like this popping up over the country there is more to cannabis then just smoking it. What about hemp ? Hemp is a very strong fiber that can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can power cars, sew clothes and even eat hemp. Events help support new markets for hemp in the UK.

You can do many things to help the movement. You do not have to attend a protest to be an activist. Post some positive cannabis facts on your Facebook or make a video about cannabis, every little helps. 

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