5 Steps To Control Your THC Tolerance

September 10, 2019

Consuming your favorite strains and not getting the desired effect it used to have earlier can be disappointing. Regular consumers know the pain of establishing THC tolerance after a long while of continuous usage. The psychoactive effects may constantly demand a higher amount to show its effect on you. For someone who uses THC to alleviate their stress and anxiety, it can be frustrating to not get rid of the symptoms even after increasing the dose.

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If you are someone who is going through it and wishes to enjoy cannabis the same way they did as newbies, then we have your back! Here are six steps you can use to shatter your high THC tolerance.

1. Take a break: Continuous usage is all that is leveling your THC tolerance higher than ever before, which is why taking a break is the first step you must attempt. Excessive amount may or may not provide you with the same effects though leaving THC for a while can sure desensitize your receptors to work as freshly as the initial days.

2. Play with the strains: Using the same strains over and over can get ambiguous as well as increase your tolerance. Try switching your cannabis product with a variety of other available in the market. Play with different intensities and flavors to know more about your choice while readjusting your tolerance. Try Mail Order Marijuana doorstep services to find high-quality buds.

3. Routine workout: Exercise can be a great way to tackle your high THC tolerance while working hard to achieve a healthy body at the same time. Getting into strenuous physical activities allows your body to get rid of excessive THC from your fat cells. This very quality is the reason why you will start experiencing denser effects with a little amount.

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4. Try a new method of consumption: Believe it or not, taking cannabis in the same traditional method is increasing your tolerance. Currently, the market is full of fresh cannabis products that are good to consume in a plethora of new ways. From vaping to edible cannabis, all of these are easily available for you to try your hands on. Vaping devices are not just used for nicotine or to vape cannabis, they are also used to vaporize THC. Gadgets like Water pipes or bongs are used for a clear smoke. Purchase a glass water bong for a clean and cool smoke.

5. Improve your diet: A change in your diet can really help you to conquer high tolerance. You must maintain a balanced diet to allow your body the healing process it needs, though the addition of antioxidants is advisable. Antioxidants found in leafy greens and fresh fruits can improve the homeostasis of your body while flushing out undesired waste from your body. Improve your overall health and THC tolerance by incorporating food rich in antioxidant in your routine diet.

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THC tolerance can be troublesome on both your health and your wallet, so being vigilant with you doses is the only way you can tackle it. Try challenging yourself on small intervals to take a break or lower your THC intake. If you wish to feel the same kick of high that you did back in the beginner days then try all the mentioned steps. You will feel the noticeable change once you religiously start following it.

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