7 Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

November 22, 2019

The cannabis industry has already been on a high and with the rise of auto-flowering cannabis seeds on the market, it’s graph only seems to go up. These seeds have been around for some time now, but they have caught up recently with the trend.

Marijuana growers and enthusiasts are excited about the development of auto-flowering seeds and they have all the reasons in the world to feel that. There are numerous benefits that auto-flowering cannabis strains come with. But before we go deeper into these benefits, let’s have a quick overview of what exactly are these auto-flowering plants.

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About Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants

Compared to previous kinds of Cannabis that have been popular for a long time, auto-flowering plants are known to flower without depending on their photoperiod. Been developed from ruderalis species of Central Asia, these plants have a lot of unique characteristics, no dependence on light to grow, robust nature, and other various properties.   

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All these characteristics, when combined, make auto-flowering cannabis a great option to grow for personal and commercial reasons. In times when the cannabis industry is going through so many changes with laws and technology, auto-flowering seeds are a major break-through that is changing how this business operates. Having so many types of Cannabis strains on offer is a piece of great news for the end consumers who will have more options to choose from.

Autoflowering cannabis plants show promises of doing better than if not equal to a lot of other existing cannabis plants. In this post, we are going to tell you all about them.

1. No More Light Dependence


The biggest and most bragged-about quality that auto-flowering cannabis seeds have is their independence of light for growing. While the other varieties of Cannabis plants are highly dependent on the sunlight for their growth, auto-flowering seeds grow regardless of it. The growth of auto-flowering marijuana plants depends on their age and not the external factor of light. It is because of this reason, the growers of this variety prefer it over the others. Not having a photoperiod to grow also allows people to keep this plant indoors.

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2. Grow Even in Tough Conditions


Autoflowering cannabis plants (cannabis ruderalis) have their origin from Central Asia, the region has volatile environmental conditions. Being developed from this species, auto-flowering plants are quite robust. Because of its independence of light and ability to bear different temperatures, it becomes a perfect variety to grow for people who do not find much time for their plants. The other varieties like Sativa and Indica may be popular among the consumers, but it takes quite an effort to take proper care of them before they start flowering.

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People are busy enough and to find the time to look after their plants out of their routines is something they are less likely to do. With the availability of this easy-to-grow cannabis plant, one can expect more interest in the people in buying and growing this plant. 

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3. Easy Availability

Autoflowering seeds are easily available despite being newer to people who have been using the regular seeds for years. With many advantages, along with their easy availability, autos have become a variety that many people incline to grow.

Sellers have started to understand the rising popularity of autos and that’s why one can find it easily in almost every Cannabis dispensary. They are not only available at local stores, but one can even buy autoflower seeds online from many vendors.

4. Faster Growth


For those growers who just cannot wait for their plant to harvest, auto-flowering plants become a perfect choice. As the older species of Cannabis plants rely on sunlight and other artificial light sources for their growth, they take a lot more than auto-flowering plants that are not photo-dependent. Because these plants grow fast, it is understandable that they are to produce a higher yield in lesser time. This characteristic makes auto-flowering plants worth investing in. 


5. More Ranges to Offer

One great thing about auto-flowering seeds is that they do not come with only one kind of strains but have a lot on offer. From White-Widow to Northern Lights, there is an extensive range of Cannabis strains out at various online cannabis store that growers would love to use.

Each of the available strains of auto-flowering cannabis has different properties and effects on people. While the commercial growers buy them for their sales, some people purchase it for recreational uses. For both kinds of buyers, a variety in the type of cannabis matters a lot, and auto-flowering cannabis gives them exactly that.

6.  Highly Effective Leaves


Growers came across auto-flowering cannabis plants years ago and at those times, they didn’t have as much potency as there is in other cannabis plants. Fast forward to today, and there are numerous varieties of auto-flowering seeds that grow plants of different THC and CBD strength.

The auto-flowering cannabis plants are no less than any other Cannabis plant today in terms of strength and effectiveness they provide. Depending on what kind of dosage and results they want from the plant leaves, people buy their favorite type accordingly.   

7.  Doesn’t Require Much Space to Grow

One massive advantage of using an auto-flowering plant is that it requires very little space to grow. The length of these plants barely goes over 1 meter. With the small size advantage, it has, the growers with less space or looking to keep cannabis plants indoors find it very useful. They make the home look greener and serve their purpose well.

These benefits of auto-flowering cannabis certainly give it an upper hand over other varieties of this plant. It is just the beginning for autos in the industry. Going by the latest trends and the way this industry is growing at the rate of notches, it is only a matter of time when even better types of auto-flowering seeds enter the market.