7 Tonic Herbs For Anxiety And Stress

May 12, 2021

Stress and anxiety are undeniable facets of life. To pull through successfully, you must devise sustainable and safer methods of dealing with them. Anxiety may stem from work-related issues or even relationships. The same applies to stress, and it’s entirely up to you to embrace it and look for means of keeping it at bay. Thankfully, Mother Nature has our back and willingly offers natural herbs that we can use as remedies.

Here are some tonic herbs that help in quelling the harmful effects of anxiety and stress.

1. Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the most calming herbs that you can use. The magic herb is known to contain cannabidiol that interacts with the human body to produce anti anxiety and stress relieving effects. It is this cannabidiol that is commonly referred to as CBD, out of which there are endless products being made today.

In addition to CBD, cannabis also contains numerous other natural chemicals like THC that is known to get people high. People looking to get the effects of both THC and CBD, use cannabis while people only wanting CBD use Hemp. Next, we tell you more about Hemp.

2. Hemp

Hemp is the non-toxic version of Cannabis that you would appreciate for its anti-anxiety effects. It comes with minimal THC (as low as 0.3%) and does not get the users of it high. The medicinal nature of hemp is utilized to treat insomnia among people too. There is endless research going on the herb today as it shows promising signs in treating various conditions and offers effective pain management.

3. Ashwagandha

Its Indian origin has been seen through a series of studies that have unleashed its actual properties. Ashwagandha has existed for thousands of years and has been of help in treating numerous conditions and ailments. Recovery from illness might be a stressful period for some people depending on factors such as age. Ashwagandha helps see patients through a smooth recovery period.

It aids in providing ample sleep time with no interruptions. Its primary focus is on the nerves and how to calm them. Coupled with a consistently healthy diet, Ashwagandha pumps up the energy flow in your body.

Its similarities to Kratom have made it quite a popular alternative when it comes to stress relief. Kratom has different strains which are suited to perform various roles in the management of anxiety. For instance, the benefits of green maeng da mostly touch on improving the critical aspects of your health, including mental. It helps combat fatigue which is another common cause of stress and anxiety. Most people tend to get anxious when they have lots of work to do but are too exhausted to accomplish anything on their to-do list.

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4. Holy Basil

New as it may sound to some of us, Holy Basil has been in use for centuries and has never disappointed. Its versatile and harmless nature has led many to ascribe to its usefulness in curbing and handling stress effectively. What’s more, you can include Holy Basil tonic in your meditative practices as it’s known to calm and relax the mind. Not only is it a tonic for stress and anxiety, but it also aims for growth in various aspects of your being.

This miracle-working tonic also works by opening up the breathing system to enhance efficient breathing patterns. Breathing in and out seamlessly lays the groundwork for stress relief. Among its most prominent features is its ability to calm the nerves after a long and busy day at work. Holy Basil also gets the digestive system flowing smoothly and gets rid of any kinds of complications.

However, self-medication can be quite a risky step and may end up worsening the situation. See a certified medical doctor see you through your medication plans that will hasten your recovery.

Most importantly, pregnant women must take note that they shouldn’t consume Holy Basil in any form. Its effects are far too powerful for a pregnant woman’s body to handle.

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5. Chamomile

Most fans of chamomile are only familiar with taking it as tea. It works wonders in multiple ways, including acting as a tonic to soothe the raging effects of stress and anxiety. It is available in two distinctive types, including German and Roman chamomile herbs. You can use it in many ways to reduce and alleviate anxiety and stress, including its tonic form.

Chamomile tonic is beneficial to your digestive system as it helps in a smooth digestion process. What’s more, it quells stress by calming the nerves and creating peace of mind and body. When taken in moderation, Chamomile tonic soothes indigestion. Stress and anxiety are caused mainly by a lack of adequate sleep. Chamomile eradicates the destructive effects of insomnia and lulls the mind and body to a robust and productive sleep session.

First-time users of Chamomile products need to check with their physician first. An orderly prescription quickens its treatment methods and makes chamomile more effective. In case tonic is unavailable for some reason, chamomile exists in other forms such as tablets, teas, and other helpful extracts. Being in constant communication with your doctor in regards to chamomile’s effects is crucial.

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6. Lavender

Its attractive purplish appearance has drawn the curiosity of most health and wellness enthusiasts. Lavender tonic has made multiple ground-breaking achievements in the restoration of health that’s on the brink of a meltdown.

Since its discovery, Lavender has soared to more extraordinary lengths through its grand entrance into the world of aromatherapy. That’s not all; its tonic version yields a wide variety of health benefits, including calming your nerves. Ladies with menstrual cramps can rely on the natural healing properties of Lavender tonic. It’s most efficient when supplemented with aromatherapy massages with Lavender products.

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7. Valerian

This is a unique form of tonic, considering its healing power lies in its roots. Valerian has been around for centuries, and its uses have been verified over the years. Its ability to reduce anxiety and stress has caused it to be a sought-after herb. What’s more, it encourages hours of peaceful sleep for healthy growth and development.

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Herbal tonics have taken the world of medicine to a whole new realm of opportunities. Their diverse and natural means of aiding in the treatment of different conditions are highly commendable.