All of These CEOs Have Admitted to Smoking Marijuana

Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Johnson, Peter Lewis, George Zimmer, and even the former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, have all admitted to smoking pot. Now, some of these names might not come as a surprise to many, but these admissions seem to signal that it is now more acceptable to openly discuss cannabis consumption and legalization in the business world. Current and former CEOs, such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Whole Foods’ John Mackey, have spoken out in favor of decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana, and some say that they would even invest in the cannabis industry if given the opportunity. Others have even contributed significant donations into legalization initiatives around the country. It seems that a growing number of the world’s most successful, intelligent, and influential people are recognizing the potential of pot, and are working to move forward and break down stigmas. Join the club! Read the whole article on Marijuana Central here.

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