New York's Godfather of Medical Marijuana

The fight has only begun in the legislative streets of New York city. New York's medical marijuana law or better known as the Compassionate Act has lately been the target of harsh criticism. Manhattan assemblyman Richard Gottfried has new legislation that will help improve the program overall. Apart of his new legislation wants the New York department of health to approve five more companies to grow and sell medical marijuana. A good way to speed up the process, would be to have the health department look at the list of runner ups that competed for the original five licenses.

Gottfried feels that since the Compassionate Act has been implemented to a degree already, this would be a perfect time to piece mail more legislation introducing more change. Another advocate in the fight is Julie Netherland, head of the New York office of Drug Policy Alliance. She has dual strategy for improving the law and increasing the access to medical marijuana. How much longer do seriously ill patients have to go without their medicine? It's easier for them to get a prescription for Vicodin or Percocet than a natural growing medicine, that is non addictive and wont cause depression, psychotic outbreaks or death from overdose. Catch up New York and don't let this legislation go up in smoke, literally. 

Summary and opinion by John S. Read the full article here

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