Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life - Yoga and Cannabis, Harmoniously

Summary and opinion by John Fouts. 

Ambiance is everything as the old saying goes, and that is what to expect at Seattle’s first cannabis and yoga class where music meets minds and mellows moods on a quest to spiritual enlightenment.   We are talking about traditional yoga, and cannabis paired together to enrich the experience.

Joel from YogaSmith and Sebastian and Amanda from Ganja Goddess joined together to make the class possible.  Various percussion instruments adorn music which plays throughout practice to help align mind, spirit, and body.

With special attention given to every detail to make the most rewarding yoga practice possible, participants should expect to be able to focus on intentions with greater ease and to reach a peaceful calm. As cannabis becomes more mainstream and demand for more varied services grows, it is evident there will be growth in the niche market for enhanced yoga through cannabis.  For more information, contact YogaSmith Studio in Georgetown, Seattle. Namaste’.

My Opinion: As someone who practices yoga frequently, I can speak to the benefits it has physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It is something many people find uplifting.  I can only imagine that pairing the natural health benefits of yoga with the power of cannabis would be a most rewarding experience.

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